risk person sitting on a high rock cliff looking out and down at the valley below
Sir/Daddy,  Toy for Sir

When He takes a risk

When he takes a risk and kisses you on the cheek for no reason other than he wanted to do, it happens far and few between, making it more special.  There is truth to the point that most things in maximum supply are taken for granted.  People with horses on their property rarely ride them.  People that live at the beach rarely go to see the ocean.  It is the things in the biggest demand that we desire most of all.

The sub in me wanted to drop to my knees to thank him.   I knew this was something that could not happen.  People were around.  His primary was there, and some of our friends.  It would anger his primary and the friends would not understand.  I knew this and respected this, but it was hard not to get into my role as his submissive.  He knew I wanted the contact and he took the risk to make me feel more comfortable.

The woman in me felt pride and love that he risked being seen.  He always made me feel more like a woman than I had ever felt before.  When he reaches out in public, outside of our private moments, he reminds me there is something about me that makes the risk worth it.

The emotionally broken soul in me wanted to cry because I don’t know when it will ever happen again.  In the same way that things in limited supply are the most desired, they can also be the most painful.  Those little moments of risk are amazing, but as quick as they come, they are gone just as quickly.  A brief kiss on the cheek can send me to the top of the world and plummet me to the lowest emotional recesses of my soul.

When he takes a risk, I feel brave.  I don’t know why it works that way and I don’t care.

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