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The Gift of Being his Toy

11:41 pm – Sir

“I wish you were here with me now.  I’m all alone and craving my Toy.”

11:42 pm – Toy

“I could be there in 15 minutes.  I would just need to put some clothes on.”

11:59 pm – Toy

“Should I come to you now?”

11:51 pm – Sir

“Up to you my dear.  I would love to have you.”

11:52 pm – Toy

“I am on my way”

12:07 am – Toy

“I am here.”

I walked in the side door.  Dropping my purse and shoes at the door, locking it.  I walked through the dimly lit house and climbed the stairs.  Sir is on the bed looking at his phone.  I stand in the doorway, waiting.  “Take off your clothes,” he says, without looking away from his phone.  I obey and take off my clothes.  He motions for me to lay down next to him.  I climb into the bed and instantly curl my body around his.  We wrap our legs around each other and he has me in his arms.  I am finally at peace after weeks of longing for this moment.  We are breathing together.  My ear pressed against his chest I feel and hear his beautiful heart. He has put the phone away and both of his arms are around me.  It is warm.  Our bodies are combining their heat and I can feel the sweat.  Neither of us moves to adjust or make it cooler.  We are comfortable.  We are peaceful.

“I’ve been so worried about you lately,” I whisper, not even sure if he can hear me.

“I’ve been worried about me too,” he responds.  I squeeze my arms and legs around him tighter and get as close to him as I can.  Silence.  Not the awkward kind.  The peaceful knowing kind where no words are needed.

Unaware of how long the silence continued or whether we drifted in and out of sleep.  I felt him relax one tense stressed muscle at a time.  I’m comforted that my presence brings him release from all that is causing him stress.  I feel his arms tighten around me.

“I have missed you.  I always miss you,” he says.  I hold him tighter.  I feel him shift and the mood changes.  It is a need.  There is solace in knowing that it is there when I rarely feel that I am this much of a need for him.  He grabs my neck and leads me down to his cock.  I am complete.  As he enters me for the first time in weeks, my body stretches to accommodate his size.  It is a familiar beautiful pain that I love and miss.

As we spend the next hour getting reacquainted with our bodies and our souls, I am reminded that I am his.  For the first time in weeks, I am at ease with my place in his life. This feeling won’t last long.  The second I am away from him my doubts and fear will return.  At this moment I accept his last minute unexpected gift of time.  His gift to me that night was not his gift of physical time and satisfaction.  It was most importantly his gift of the knowledge that I am needed, missed, wanted, loved.  It was the gift of being his Toy.

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