kiss at the bottom of the stairs. basement stairs from the bottom looking up grey stairs and beige walls with dark brown gaurd rails.
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The Kiss at the Bottom of the Stairs

After a busy weekend of cleaning and studying, I was looking forward to a peaceful Sunday.  I had some packages delivered that came early so I was cleaning and putting new things together.  I started laundry and was so proud that the basement that had flooded last weekend was dry, smelling better, the humidity was at 65% and the spiders and crickets were gone with the flood of last weekend.   12:30 pm I go down to switch laundry and as I get to the bottom of the stairs I see the flow of water coming from the back and side wall and in through the cellar door.  Fuck me running!  So much for being proud and that is what I get for bragging that I had conquered the water in the flood in the basement.  I accessed the mess, moved some things around to make sure they didn’t get wet, again, and started cleaning up.  Mop and bucket in hand I tried to mop up what I could but the water was steady pouring in from all directions.

I walked back upstairs I hear something strange in the kitchen.  Drip. Drip. Drip.  Fuck!  Water was dripping from the ceiling in the kitchen onto the stove.  I stare at the water dripping from inside my cabinets above the stove.  I start to clean up the water and determine where the hell this is coming from.  No clue.  Time to call the landlord.  He comes and assesses the situation and states a roofer and landscaper would be contacted.  Doesn’t exactly help me now.

I sit on the couch knowing the water is increasing from the top and bottom of my house.  Now what?  Methodically trying to form a plan in my head I call Home Depot, Loews, and Wal-Mart and no one has wet vacs available but they all inform me they are available online.   Again, doesn’t help me now.  Damn.

Should I make the call?  We haven’t talked much all weekend.  I knew he was busy with family and working on the new house.  I planned to give space and not bother him as much by trying to have contact.  I text him.  Brief comments as to my situation, and a half request to borrow his wet vac if he isn’t using it.  It was weak.  I probably could have just mopped up the water.  It was an excuse.  It was also the first thing that came to my mind.  Call him.  Let him know you need him.  He will be angry if he learns later that you didn’t.  Call him.

I am constantly torn between trying to be strong and independent and letting him know I need him.  I don’t want to add stress, add responsibility, or add aggravation.  But I need him.  Could I have handled it alone?  Yes, I could have.  I needed him.  Needed to hear his voice.  So I texted.

He called 20 minutes later.  He sounded tired and frustrated.  Not with me, just with everything.  We talked for about 15 minutes.  I sounded pitiful, even to myself.  I didn’t mean to.  I just wanted to hear his voice.

“I can bring the wet vac over if you want it tonight.  I’ll be coming in deep tho.”

“I’m sorry what?”  admittedly, I didn’t know what he meant but it sounded dirty and I got excited.

“Ha.  I’ll have my family with me,”  he responded.  I wasn’t sure if he caught the tone in my voice, or if that was just what I wished.  I wanted him to know I went to dirty sex with the word ‘deep’.

He said he would be on his way shortly but when he called his family had gone ahead to the restaurant and would be waiting so he would just have to drop the vacuum off and go.  I was disappointed, but I understood.

He pulled into the driveway and as I watched him take the vacuum out of the trunk of his car I was reminded of how incredibly sexy he is.   He brought it into the house and headed for the basement.  Set it up and started accessing the water issue.  Talking half to me and half to himself.  In control.  Taking over.  He didn’t just drop and go.  He stayed about 20 minutes and then handed me the hose.  Before he let go he walked toward me and pressed against me.  Took my face in his hand and kissed me.  His hand went to my breast and he caressed it while we kissed.  Like he read my mind, it was exactly what I needed.

“One day this week.  We will spend time together.” he walked up the stairs and left me in the basement.   I looked up the stairs as he closed the door to the basement. What water?  Suddenly the water at the bottom of the stairs didn’t seem so bad.

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