useless a key in the woods on the ground, old fashion style with dark brown and red leaves
BDSM,  Toy for Sir

Rendered me useless

A night of very unexpected pleasure with Daddy has rendered me useless today. I want to relive it over and over again.  What is it about this man that leaves me completely in his control?  The passion, the force, the love, the desire. The look in his eyes as we stare at each other in the mirror, me on all fours as he kneels behind me. He teases me, leaving me to wonder which hole he will use.

I never know when he will use me.  The dynamic is strange.  I wait for the call or a sign that he is ready for me.  I always make sure I am ready for him.  I wonder if this is part of his attraction to me.  I couldn’t imagine a situation where I would say no to him.  I am always ready with consent.

Feeling useless after being with him is a reward.  I have no problem laying in my bed, reliving our play repeatedly.  Taking the time to think through what he did to me and for me, and how I made him feel is a gift.  All the attributes he has, his eyes make me melt the most.  They are brown, but when we play they grow darker, more intense.  So intense it is clear he is seeing through to my soul.  I do not mind that he sees me so completely.

In a time where I spend most of my time numb, the time with him where all of my nerve endings are exposed is a welcome reprieve.  No matter how long the wait, I will endure it.

Yep! I’m done. There will be no productivity today. Only replaying memories and picturing that look over and over again. His dark eyes burning into mine. His wicked smile from seeing my response and his ultimate decision.

Like a key without a lock, he has rendered me useless.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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