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Long Distance

At the suggestion of @Loving BDSM, I read a piece written by Molly Moore where she described how she and her Dom handled their long-distance relationship until they could be together full-time.  Two things happened to me while I was listening to the podcast, and reading Molly Moore’s blog.

First, I had never considered my situation as long distance.  My Daddy lives 10 minutes from me and we work at the same location, so we are usually close in proximity.  Having said that, we rarely see each other because of our situation.  Lives are busy, work is busy, his primary is needy, his new house needs attention, his family needs him, my family needs me… the typical stuff of most people, it is what it is.  But it is hard to find any form of balance.  Listening and reading yesterday I decided that long distance is exactly what we have.  Giving it a name other than “A struggle” or “fucking annoying” has given me a lot of peace and calm in a way that I needed, more so than I realized.  There is still the knowledge that he is close and we should be together based on that, but calling it long distance and relating it to those boundaries helps me be less anxious about it.

Secondly, it gave me ideas.  Before listening and reading yesterday, Daddy and I discussed him watching me when I am home alone.  I have inside security cameras to make sure the dog walker treats my fur baby appropriately.  It seemed a great idea and I was excited to set it up.  Unfortunately, the security cameras, while clear and the video is good, the live streaming was not working.  I called the support team for the company and they have been unable to figure out the issue.  So the idea dropped.  It was mentioned that I would get better cameras but that is more money and I was frustrated that I couldn’t get it to work.  However, the idea of Skype or other means had never occurred to me.  Trust, I am on a new quest to figure this out.

Having a venue to share ideas and figure out the issues and obstacles has been a huge help for me and a bit of a rescue.  I love @LovingBDSM, and love learning about more folks through them and expanding my support base (which was at zero prior to starting to listening to @LovingBDSM, no support for this part of my life exist close to home).  So, thank you @LovingBDSM, from a cricket, and to Molly Moore for sharing something so beautiful and giving me a path to manage my loneliness.

Now, off to figure out a good source of voyeurism!

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