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While patience is needed

It is hard keeping my mind busy and occupied.  I was asked to be patient and left with a long hug and gentle touches.  So patient I will be.  Why is it the hardest things to do are the things you must do.  I want my mind to keep busy.  I want my body to keep busy.  I really want to crawl into bed and wait for the patience to have paid off.  But not everything we want we get.

During these times I try and think of what would be the best thing or things to do.  What will be appreciated, what will please him, what will benefit us both the most in the downtime?  He didn’t give me these things, these are from years of knowing him and knowing what he wants from me in general.  And knowing he wouldn’t want me to change a thing that I do that pleases him.

What will be appreciated?

  • Give the time that is needed
    • Be patient and keep things light and positive as possible when we do talk
  • Keep stress as low as possible on my end
    • No breakdowns, no longer sad texts, no pressure for time, wait to hear from him
  • Keep my mind positive
    • Remember his face when we talked the last time
    • Remember it was hard for him
    • Remember his last words, “Be patient, Toy”
  • Keep myself busy
    • Keep my house straight and yard nice
    • Go to the gym
    • Eat well and healthy
    • Go out with friends
    • Don’t sit home alone and depressed
  • Keep my mental health in tacked
    • Write down my thoughts often and be open and honest in them
    • yoga and meditation and breathing
    • Work out the way he has taught me

What will please him?

  • All of the above mentioned!
  • Helping to make him laugh
  • Keep a journal of all the thoughts of him (kinky and not).
  • Not crying too much over missing him, and not getting too depressed
  • Not over thinking and worrying too much

What will benefit us both in the downtime?

  • All of the above
  • Make my own list of tasks of things I know will please him to share with him when he is ready
  • Continuing to improve my health, physically and mentally

Tasks (short list, needs more thought).

  • Go to the gym regularly (minimum 3x a week but as much as possible)  Track workouts
  • Continue with nails, keep colors he loves on rotation
  • Dress as he likes frequently (a dress or skirt at least one day a week even if I know I won’t see him)  Maybe take pictures of my outfits and shoes.  He likes my shoes!
  • Listen to music, work on my singing and piano and guitar (all need lots of work and time)
  • Write more and often
    • Music
    • Poetry
    • Keep up with the blog
    • Keep learning about writing and gathering thoughts for future stories

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