30 Days of D/s

Orgasm control

Orgasm control encompasses a lot of different play.

I never really thought about orgasm control as a thing.  New to all of this, I was just happy when I did have an orgasm.  I do not orgasm easily.  I get in my head and all the crazy things go through my head.  What do I look like?  My stomach is so fat!  Am I pleasing him?  What’s next?  This was much worse in my vanilla life.  Since being with Daddy it has gotten much better.  However, orgasms do not come easily or fast for me.  The other side of that is that I am not bothered by it.  I know that if I want/need an orgasm I have toys and things that will make it happen.  The physical part of having an orgasm I have figured out and can have that any time.  It is physical contact and connection with another person.  The play, the kink, the impact, the feel of a sting from something and then the gentle touch of his hand.  The heavy breathing, the anticipation, the climax in other ways than my orgasm.  Most and best of all, his orgasm.  That moment when he releases and I am the reason.  That gives me an internal feeling of pride and happiness that quite honestly surpasses any physical orgasm I could have.

Having said that, I do enjoy when he allows me to orgasm.

  • Begging for permission – Yes, I enjoy this.  When I get to the point that I know I am ready I will beg for permission and I do enjoy that he has the final decision.  He is the only man I have ever had an orgasm with through fucking, even our vanilla sex he can bring me up to orgasm.
  • Denial – “Don’t you dare cum!” “Don’t you dare raise your hips!”  Ugh!  Drives me fucking crazy and I love it.  He is relentless and I love it.  This, after research, I realize is orgasm control.  Who knew?
  • Edging – I enjoy this as much as I can. It is frustrating.  As I said, I can have an orgasm anytime I want.  When we are together being told to edge and no release is frustrating because I miss it so much.  But I do.  I remember times when he had me edge at work, or when we weren’t together.  I enjoyed that because it made me look forward to when we would be together.
  • forced orgasms – Haven’t experienced this. But I am interested.
  • coming on command – Daddy can make me move mountains. If he asks to do the impossible I make every attempt to do so.  On command… sure… it is pressure, a pressure to please, and it is a challenge I accept for sure.


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