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Beach lessons – Thoughts

The ocean never disappoints. As soon as I think it is redundant a new form or new shaped wave appears and surprises and impressed me. Redundancy and insanity doing the same thing over again don’t apply here.  My beach lessons are always deep and thoughtful.

My thoughts pour out like the rain and swirl like the wind and in front of the powerful waves and guarding moon I find it is easier to sort them. Once again I am reminded that my connection to this wonder of nature is strong and should not be ignored. I owe it and myself the commitment to spend time together.

The sun, moon, and tide and clouds fighting for the position of priority are like the many struggles I have that need attention.

I will learn from natures turn-taking style and embrace that style as my own. Allowing one struggle at a time a voice and my attention.  I take my beach lessons seriously.


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