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She Didn’t Care

She entered the store more frustrated then she wanted to me.  She had driven all the way home to realize the security tag was still on the blouse she bought for an event that night.  Knowing that returning the blouse meant the relaxing afternoon of a warm bath and slow “getting ready process” was out the window.  Yes, she was frustrated.  She rarely plans for a warm bath and now she would be hurried to get ready for her dinner with her college friends.  She also knew that none of these ladies give a damn what she looks like and most likely will all show up in jeans and hoodies.  That is what she loves about them.  She wanted to look nice.  She wanted to take some time for herself.  She didn’t care about it often.   Feeling a little dumpy lately made her want to make an effort even if it was just for the girls.

Standing in line while the checkout girl chatted with her co-worker about her weekend plans added to the frustration.  It wasn’t that the girl had plans or that she was excited about them, it was that there was a line of 4 people waiting and she was acting as if she had all the time in the world.  She shifted her weight from one hip to the other trying to filter the expression on her face.  She made eye contact with the social worker and tried to show an expression of pleading that she hurry to which she got an eye roll in response.  Frustration turning to exasperation.  The women in front of her turned to show her own lack of patience and they shared a knowing look.

It was finally her turn at the register and the check out girl decided to not greet her at all.  She was actually okay with this because perhaps it would go faster.  The checkout girl, whose name tag revealed her name as Tiffany turned her back and started straightening the bags and hangers under the opposite counter.  Giving a proper amount of time to allow the straightening to happen she finally cleared her throat and asked for assistance.   Nothing.  No response.  Tiffany didn’t even turn around.  Her co-worker had left and she was alone behind the counter.  Clearing her throat again, she tried to get Tiffany’s attention.  Still nothing.  A fury she hadn’t felt in a while, over something relatively small, was building in her.  Without thought, she picked up the phone on the counter and pressed “0”.  When the operator answered, she told the operator that a supervisor was needed in women’s apparel on the second floor.  The operator said thank you and within seconds the announcement went over the store PA system.  Tiffany stood up and spun around, glaring a look that was meant to harm if not kill.

The supervisor arrived at the desk within minutes.  Tiffany had opted to say nothing and start assisting the person behind her.  She was fine with that although it angered her even more.

“I’m Joe, the supervisor, can I be of assistance?”

She started her tale of woe and disappointment.  He listened.  He seemed to be paying attention but she wasn’t sure.  He could have been thinking about his own weekend plans as well.  Maybe he was sleeping with Tiffany and this was about to be an epic fail.  She finished her rambling and with that realized her voice had a  shrill to it that she wished she had noticed earlier.

“Let’s go into my office.  I can remove the tag myself and we can do an official write up if you like.  I would also like to offer a gift card for your trouble.  I know it doesn’t make up for the bad treatment you received, but I hope it is a small token that will help.”

Oh fine.  She decided she would do this because she started the process.  The walk to the office.  he offered a chair and leaned on the desk directly opposite of her.  More familiar than professional.  For the first time, she noticed how attractive he was.  She had already resigned that the long warm bath was gone for another day so she allowed herself to relax and notice that he was handsome.  At waist level, she also noticed that he was wearing very tight trousers that showed an outline of his cock.  She wondered if that was his natural state or if he was excited by her.  A silly notion she knew, and she shook it from her mind.  He was obviously much younger than her.  she was in sweats and a ponytail with no makeup.  There was no way that she was appealing to him.

They talked about customer service and its importance.  Even as her words left her mouth she realized how old she sounded.  She saw his face gloss over as this was surely nothing he had not heard before.  He was responding with typical supervisory speak.  She was sure there was a script he had memorized.  He was shifting back and forth on his legs.  She knew he was bored and probably looking for ways to get her out of his office.

“Look, I’ve said all I need to say.  Tiffany was rude and I was patient.  I have wasted enough of your time.  We don’t have to do anything official.  I don’t want to get her fired.  I would just hope that she is spoken to and this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.  If you could just remove the security tag, I’ll be on my way.”

“I appreciate that you don’t want her to lose her job, but the truth is, this was her last chance.  Three strikes and you’re out, and to be honest, she is probably on number five at this point.  So, no worries, this isn’t on you. “

He reached around for the special tool that removes the security tags.  She reached into her bad to pull out the blouse and handed it to him.  When he reached for the blouse he grabbed her hand.  She looked up surprised but knowing it was a mistake.  She couldn’t deny the feeling it sent through her.  His hand lingered longer than it needed to.  He didn’t apologize her didn’t pull away.  They locked eyes for a moment that was also longer than necessary.  She smiled nervously and giggled which she instantly regretted.  Christ, she sounded like a high school girl with her science teacher.

“I’m sorry.  It has been a long day and I am tired.  I think I should get going.  Thank you for helping with the blouse and the issues.  I appreciate it.  I won’t take up any more of your day.”  She gathered her purse and empty bag and waited for him to give the blouse back to her.

“This is going to sound very cliche and very inappropriate but I really wish you wouldn’t go.  I know this is horrible and you probably won’t believe that I have never done this before but I am extremely attracted to you.  I don’t understand it and I don’t begin to be able to explain it.  You came to my office to complain about professionalism and I am far from being professional but I really wish I could lock the door right now.”

She wanted to think her mind was racing of ways to get out of there.  But it wasn’t.  It was racing for sure, but not looking for an escape.  She had always wondered if this kind of thing really happened.  Any movie, porn or not, where these kinds of scenarios happened she always found herself calling bullshit.  It was usually when she left to go to the kitchen to get food.  He had been nice and funny and charming.  They had flirted a little.  She may have even mentioned that she felt she looked a mess and in turn, he said she looked more than fine.  Like a Lifetime movie, a perfectly written script this moment had come to a place that she usually scoffed at but secretly was excited that it may actually happen.  She ha tried to stay angry and play the part of the disgruntled customer but he had defused her at every move.  Intentionally or not, it had worked.  Now he stood in front of her, both of them holding on to the blouse in a silent gentle tug of war.  She had seconds to determine how to respond.  Her common sense told her to thank him and fain she was flattered and then take the blouse and leave the office.  Her cynical sense told her that this was probably his MO.  Make the older women feel good about herself.  Offer to fuck her, perhaps she will perhaps she won’t, but he has made her feel better and definitely derailed her.  A routine that he has perfected.   Her reality was she was excited.  She was wet at the thought of an afternoon rendezvous with a man she had just met.  She was entertaining the idea that she may be one of those older sad women in the Lifetime movies that she felt sorry for and was secretly jealous of.   She heard her voice but was not as shocked as she thought she would be or should be.

“Well, Joe, maybe you should lock the door.”

He smiled and moved toward the office door.  She didn’t follow him with her gaze, she looked down.  Waiting.  Secretly wishing she had bathed and taken more care of her appearance before she left the house.  She heard the click of the lock on the doorknob.  Even from the sound of the click, she knew it wouldn’t stop anyone who really wanted access to the room and that excited her more than she was willing to admit.

He walked back to stand in front of her.  She was still holding the blouse.  He took it from her and laid it on the chair.  They stood opposite each other without speaking.  Just looking at each other.  She broke the stare first, looking down and laughing nervously.  He reached up and took her chin in his hand.

“I have never done this before.  This isn’t a normal thing for me.  I am as nervous as you seem to be.  We don’t have to do this and can leave this office and always wonder what could have happened.  This is entirely up to you and what happens is entirely up to you. “

And there it was.  Almost like permission to do something so crazy she never would have believed it had it been told to her by someone else.  She leaned into him.  She didn’t do it without thinking she thought it threw.  It was quick but it was a thorough thought.  She wanted this to happen.   He responded quickly but not too quickly.  His hand went to her waist and the blouse fell to the floor.  He kissed her.  It was something in between gentle and a strong wanting she hadn’t felt in a long while.  She responded, kissing him back a little harder than she would have had she planned this or been on a date.   He pulled away from her.  Still close enough for her to feel his breath on her.  She looked up at him.

“Are you sure?”

“yes, I am sure.”

He leaned into her again and kissed her with more passion than she expected.  She wanted it to be passion.  Maybe it was just lust, she didn’t care.  He spun her around and pushed her into the desk.  His hands moved to the waistband of her sweatpants and pulled them down to her thighs.  Before she knew it she was sitting on the desk and he was between her legs.  She reached for his belt and had it undone in seconds like she had done this a thousand times.  His pants fell to the floor as she grabbed for him.  He was hard.  She lowered the band of his briefs and his cock sprung forward, reaching for her.  He looked in her eyes again, asking without words if she was okay with what was happening.

“Fucking Christ, I don’t do this ever.  I don’t have a condom. I…”

“I do.  In my purse.”

She was slightly embarrassed and more thankful that she was more prepared than she knew.  They fumbled for the purse and found the condom.  Logistics taken care of, she spread her legs further and took his cock in her hands, guiding it to her clit.  There was the usual awkward placement of arms and legs and adjusting of her hips, how far back to lean, should she stand or lay on her back.  It wasn’t as flowing and natural and easy as she had seen in those movies, but she didn’t care.  She didn’t focus on how she looked in each position or if she was acceptable.  She didn’t care.

He entered her quickly and as he did he moaned and let out a ragged breath in her ear.  She wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him in.  He was moving in and out of her, his breath matching his thrusts.  She closed her eyes and buried her face in his chest.  She wanted to clear her mind and enjoy this very unexpected moment, but she couldn’t.  She couldn’t believe this was happening.  She was present, there with him, but also somewhere in her brain that told her this was crazy.  Awkward yes, bizarre yes, but more exciting than anything that had ever happened to her.

He came quickly.  Again, she didn’t care.  This wasn’t about her having an orgasm as much as it was about her feeling alive.  She was doing something reckless, unexpected, not anything that would be normal to her.  Not anything she would probably ever do again, and that was okay.  She could judge herself.  She could regret her decision to live in an unplanned moment.  She could be embarrassed.  She could be a lot of things, but she wasn’t.  As they separated and dressed in silence she went through this list and instantly decided she wasn’t any of those things.  She didn’t care.

He picked up the blouse from the floor and folded it nicely and put it back in the bag she had carried into the store with her.  He didn’t make eye contact when he handed her the bag.  He looked at the floor as he walked around the desk and stared at the contents on it as if looking for something to say.  She smiled and picked up her purse, walking toward the door.  She unlocked the door and the sound of the click made her smile again.  Bag and purse in hand she opened the door and looked back at him.

“Goodbye Joe.  Thank you for taking the time for me today.”

“You’re welcome.”

He never broke his stare from the desk, didn’t make eye contact with her.  She hesitated for a moment wondering if she should say something else.  She walked out the door wondering why he didn’t look at her.  Then she realized, she didn’t care.



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