likes this white background with grey whips flower coming up from the stem in a V shape and looking like they are flowing
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She likes this… She doesn’t like this.

He is nice.  He is quiet.  He has a cute, hidden sense of humor that comes out only after you know him.  She likes this. He loves dogs, has two of them.  He takes his dogs everywhere with him.  He spends a lot of time with his family.  Visits his parents and helps them around the house.  She likes this.

He is a good grandpa.  Not sure he likes that title.  She likes this. He knows her past, her baggage, and what scares her (some of it).  She likes this. He has a bad boy streak.  Tattoos and piercings.  He uses the F-word as an adjective.  She likes this. He is kind.  Although she hasn’t experienced the full extent of his kindness, she knows it is there.  She likes this.

He is honest.  At least he has been when she asked the difficult questions.  She likes this.  But that is where the trouble starts. His ex-girlfriend is there.  His ex-girlfriend lives there.  His ex-girlfriend won’t leave, no matter how hard he pushes.  She doesn’t like this. There is drama, always.  It causes him to cancel plans and not stay in touch.  She doesn’t like this. He is distracted.  They can’t hang out when she wants.  She doesn’t like this.

This feels familiar.  She doesn’t like this. She has been here before.  She doesn’t like this. Pros vs. Cons?  She shouldn’t even compare. She should stop it from going further.  She doesn’t like this. He asks her to trust he is trying to get her out.  She doesn’t like this. It makes her crazy that all the relationships she has had have started this way and she always gets hurt.  She doesn’t like this. She knows what she should do.  She doesn’t like this.

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