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Why is something that is suppose to be good for you such a chore?

Ugh!  The gym.  Why is something that is supposed to be good for you such a chore?  She has heard that if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit.  She can eat pizza every day for 30 days, instant habit.  She has been going to the gym for over six months, not a habit.  It is a forced act done with dread.  It almost makes her angry.  She always feels better when she gets there and proud when it is done.  If not for the strength of the workout, for the fact that she actually got there, to begin with.

She doesn’t dress fancy.  No thirty dollar workout outfit or hundred-dollar shoes.  The only way her make up is done is if she goes during work.  Then there is the fact that she works out in the office gym so she doesn’t push too hard because that would require a shower and a redo of hair and makeup.  Other people make this look so easy, but she struggles with every movement from getting there to leaving.

Add to all of that, she hasn’t really seen any progress.  She goes in and does the workouts but they are always the same.  She can’t do cardio because she doesn’t eat enough to fuel herself through any kind of cardio.  She sometimes feels sore the next day and that gives her hope that at least a muscle or two was worked hard enough.  She is just frustrated by the whole thing.  She does it though.  It does feel like a chore.  She would rather clean the bathroom toilet.

Wiggled into her five dollar leggings and an old T-shirt with the color cut out of it.  She carries a water bottle she rarely drinks from, but it looks good to carry around. She walked into the weight area and sat on the bench press.  Setting the weight she caught him in her peripheral.  They tend to be on the same schedule.  They catch each other’s eye and smile to simulate a hello.  He is nice and average like her.  They have chatted about hating the fact they have to be there and neither enjoy it.  Neither is a gym rate.  Neither is in perfect shape.  Both are just average.  He heads towards her and takes a seat on the machine next to her.  Small talk about the weather and wishing it was warmer in the gym, mixed with the clanking of the weights and the music blaring a little too loud for conversation.

He seemed different today.  Not as jovial.  There seemed to be a lot on his mind that was overshadowing his usual light-hearted demeanor.  She questioned him about it in a casual way.

“You seem a little distracted.  Not feeling the workout today?”  It was lame coming out of her mouth.  They had chatted casually but they didn’t have the kind of relationship that would warrant a deep dive into personal stuff.

“You know, the normal stuff.  Work, life, all the bullshit.  Some days it is heavier than others”.

“Agreed.  I totally get it.  Don’t you wish you were one of those people who came to the gym to get the frustration out and feel better?  Pizza.  Pizza would make me feel better”.

“Agreed.  And Beer.  Pizza and beer would make me feel better.”

“Right there with ya!”

She got it.  She wasn’t in much of a better place herself.  She had a lot of stuff going on and on her mind, but she was tired of talking about her shit.  She just wanted to forget what was going on in her life.  Forgetting wasn’t possible.  Talking about it didn’t help.

They went their separate ways working on whatever torture they had planned for themselves.  Ending at about the same time, they leave the workout area together.

“So, that work out didn’t help me much”, he said with a sigh.  “We should definitely go get that pizza and beer sometime.”  he looked at his water bottle.  His wasn’t empty either.  Kindred water haters.

“That sounds good to me.  I never turn down pizza.”

“Tonight?”  I’m done with work at 4:00.”

“Sure, why not.  We can meet at that place down the road.  I’ve never been there so I can’t speak for it but we can give it a try.”

“Sounds good.  I’ll meet you there at about 5:00?”

“Sure.  See you then.”

She went into the locker room and started changing her clothes.  That was weird.  She normally would have been vaguer.  It wasn’t like her to just agree so quickly.  She was regretting it already.  She really just wanted to go home and climb in bed and continue watching Dexter on Netflix.  Now she was frustrated with herself.  Frustrated because she said yes, and frustrated because she was regretting it.  Just go to have pizza and beer and enjoy someone’s company that isn’t related to you by blood.  She got back into her work clothes, fluffed her hair out of the ponytail and headed back to her desk.

She arrived at the restaurant and looked around.  He was already there.  He had a booth in the corner and was looking at the menu.  She sat down across from him and they exchanged pleasantries and comments on the restaurant and decor.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t awkward.  Their conversation was easy and light.  She didn’t feel like she was on a date.  It was casual and friendly.  She laughed more easily than she had in a while.  He was telling her about his father and their annual fishing trips.

“He is a great dad but has a habit fucking the sun out of things”.  He said as he reached for his beer.

“I’m sorry, what?”  She was laughing as she said it.

“Ugh, maybe I should stop drinking, or have another one.  I meant he sucks the fun out of things.”

“Gotcha.  How so?”

The conversation went from there.  They didn’t need an icebreaker but the slip of the tongue made things even easier.  She felt comfortable.  She felt no inhibitions.  She wasn’t watching what she said.  She didn’t care that she didn’t have her “date night” make up on.  She didn’t care that she probably looked tired.  She wasn’t concerned that she was missing her evening at home watching Netflix.   She felt good.  She felt relaxed.

The pizza and beer consumed and they continued to sit and chat.  They touched on all things but didn’t go too deep into much or anything.  She glanced up at the clock on the wall and was shocked to see it was 8:30.  Holy shit!  Where had the time gone?

“Oh shit, I should probably get home.  My dog is going to kill me and has probably pissed all over the place.”

“Yeah, me too.  I didn’t realize it was so late.  Walk you to your car?”

“Sure, let’s settle up with the waitress and get going.”

He walked her to her car.  “Nice ride!” he said with a smile.   She laughed.  “Thanks.  I always swore I would never be a minivan driver.  This was my compromise.  I didn’t want to ever look like a soccer mom.”

He reached his hand up and traced her jaw bone with his fingers.  “Not even close.”

Before she knew it they were climbing into the back seat or her SUV.  What soccer mom ever did this, she wondered.  Then she smiled at the thought that many probably have, they just don’t talk about it.  The passion between them was instant and to her like a long-lost friend.  She hadn’t felt this way in ages.  She couldn’t remember the last time she felt wanted.  She knew this was probably a one-time thing but she didn’t care.

He kissed her hard while his hands pulled at her pants.  He slid his hand into the front of her panties and found the slit he was looking for.   She was wet, welcoming his fingers as he rubbed her clit.  Pushing and moving his finger in circles forcing her clit to move in sync.  She moaned louder than she thought she should have and she didn’t care.  They didn’t bother with removing their clothes.  He yanked her pants over her ass and knees while she worked his belt and zipper to free his cock that was already hard, ready and waiting.  He pushed his cock inside her.  This time, it was his turn to moan.  She was tight.  Their eyes locked and she smiled.  She didn’t think she just reacted.  Her hands moved to his ass as she pulled him into her hips.  She felt his cock go further into her and she let out her breath.  They started moving together in a rhythm that felt like they had been together a million times.  She knew this was just a fuck and she was fine with it.  The beer made this easier but she wasn’t looking for anything more than that.  She wasn’t looking for this either but at the moment, she wasn’t bothered by that at all.  She pulled him into her again.   He was inside her and his finger was still playing with her clit.  She felt the swelling and heat from his touch.  She raised her hips in response to her body’s need to come.  Braced against the car door with the weight of his body she raised her legs, allowing him to go even further inside her.   He felt her body tense.  She was shaking as her orgasm started and spread through her body, leaving a trail of tingling heat as it moved up toward her chest and neck.  He continued to finger her clit.  Her hips were bucking under his weight.  He thrust one more time into her and joined her in her orgasm.  He lowered his face into her neck and held on to her as they both held on to each other and let the orgasms run their course.  The hand that was on her clit moved slowly to her mouth as he placed it gently in her mouth so she could taste herself.  They met eye and held the stare until the orgasms left their bodies.

Dressing quickly and without words they sat in the back of the SUV, straightening their clothes before opening the door.

“Thanks for dinner,” she said with a smile.

“You’re welcome.  See ya at the gym tomorrow?”



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