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A Walk in the Woods

Every weekend she makes sure she takes time to enjoy the outdoors.  She had a path she normally takes in the local park in her neighborhood.  Life gets so busy with the multiple responsibilities and obligations, that she promises herself the time to get outside and clear her head.

The path she normally takes was muddy and cluttered with tree branches from the recent storm.  She chose a different route, one she had been on before and it had a gravel path so she thought it would be a better choice.   The path was a little more strenuous but she welcomed the challenge.  There was a lot in her head to clear out so she was fine with it all.

Catching her breath.

She topped the third hill and found her breath wasn’t coming as easily as she liked.  She came to a stop and stretched her legs.  Bending at the waist with her legs straight and touching her toes, she enjoyed the pulling on her muscles.  She heard the rustling of leaves and turned her head slowly to see if she could catch a siting of the wildlife of some sort.  She focused her eyes toward the direction of the rustling leaves.

Through the trees, she saw a clearing.  There was a blanket of grass surrounded by small sapling oak trees.  It almost looked man made it was so perfect.  Focusing her eyes, even more, trying to see what was making the noise, she realized it wasn’t wildlife after all.  At least not the four-legged kind she was expecting.  There were six legs.

A different kind of wildlife.

There were three of them.  The first woman was laying on her back.  She had a t-shirt and cut off jean shorts on with cowboy boots.  She almost missed seeing her because the grass was slightly high, unmowed.  The second woman was kneeling.  She wore a skirt.  The flowy kind that moved in the breeze.  It was not clinging to her, but in the sunlight, it was slightly see through.  She was kneeling over the first woman’s head.  Looking closer she realized that that woman on her back was rubbing her hand up and down the kneeling woman’s thighs.

Then there was the man. He was standing in a soldiers position.  His legs were apart, his jeans were down at his ankles.  He had a button down plaid shirt that was open showing his chest.  She followed his chest down to his waist.  The kneeling woman had his cock in her hands, rubbing and stroking.

The three moved about like a dance.

Realized she was staring, mesmerized by this group of people that were clueless she was watching.  It was if they were dancing.  Kneeling down without thinking about it she made herself comfortable.  She should leave and give them their privacy.  Her legs wouldn’t move.  As much as she knew she should leave, she wanted to stay and watch them.

As if a choreographed performance they all moved and made advances without words.  The woman laying on her back moved her hands toward the pussy positioned above her.  Through the skirt, it was difficult to see but from the kneeling woman’s reaction, it was clear the woman on her back was touching and playing with the kneeling woman’s clit.  Her imagination was all she had to determine what was happening.  She imagined inserted fingers, rubbing, stroking, pulling.  Feeling the wetness between her own legs she almost felt guilt from it.  Her pleasure coming from this voyeurism was something she wasn’t comfortable with, but she couldn’t walk away.

The kneeling woman, in her passion and feeling what was happening under her skirt, pulled the cock in her hands to her mouth, with one hand holding his cock and pulling him close, the other hand on his balls, massaging them both with her fingers.  His head leaned back and he looked up toward the sky with the pleasure he was feeling.  Closing her eyes only for a moment so she didn’t miss anything, she imagined the warmth of the woman’s mouth around his cock and the physical touch of her tongue and fingers.

She couldn’t move her eyes away.

She watched him as he leaned his hips into her.  His hands came to her head, grabbing her hair and slowly guiding her pace.  Slow at first and then faster.  The kneeling woman was obedient, while at the same time accepting the pleasure she was feeling from the woman on her back.  The woman laying on her back bent her own legs and spread them wide.  One of her hands left the crotch above her and went to her own pussy. She slid her hand into her own shorts and found her own clit.  It was only seconds before she was raising her own hips in pleasure from her own fingers.

The three of them, together, each pleasing each other.  The man was fucking the kneeling woman’s mouth with power and passion.  The kneeling woman was moaning from the pleasure the fingers in her pussy giving her.  The woman on her back was rocking her hips with the orgasm she was giving herself.

She stood quietly and turned to continue her walk.  Her mind was clear except the visions she had just witnessed.  What a wonderful walk in the woods she had today.

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