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A snowy day

This was my short week with Friday off!  I live for every other week and having that extra day.  Making sure all basis were covered, spending time with Mom and get her settled for our “big snow”.   Met a good friend (gym and then to pizza and beer for her birthday), and some much-needed girl talk and girl time.  Saturday was organizing paperwork, getting ready for taxes (yuck), and getting some goals set for the next few months and the new year.    I have way more goals then I have time.  At least getting them down on paper and some kind of commitment somewhere is crucial!  Today was more relaxing and laughing with the girls and just taking it easy.

I love having my goals and plans written down.  It feels like a commitment.  I am a planner at heart.  In a previous lifetime I use to do life plans for people and have always been able to move others forward in their goals but to do it for myself is much more difficult.  This weekend while the house is still in need of dusting and vacuuming and the dog hair has taken on a life of its own, I gave some time to me to figure out exactly what I want and start figuring out how to take the steps to get there.

Listening to The Smutlancer and the interview with as I work on my goals was extremely encouraging.  So much inspiration and positive support in this community!


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