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Satisfyer Pro Penguin

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Introducing the Satisfyer Pro Penguin.  I was excited about this toy.  The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is an oral stimulator.  Applied to the clit the Satisfyer Pro Penguin vibrates and adds light suction with 11 different alternatives of vibration.  I have never tried anything like this before so I was interested to see how it would go.  To make it even better, I love penguins.  Who doesn’t love penguins?   How do you not love a bird that can’t fly but does not care?  They still rock the foul pride!

This toy is adorable and speaks to that baby girl part of me.  The little bow tie is an added plus.  It came in a very discrete package from the seller.  Inside the box was the Satisfyer Pro Penguin and the charger with an instruction booklet in various languages.  The instructions were very clear and easy to read.

Like most things, the suggestion was to charge fully before use, which I did.

Well, I thought I did.  The Satisfyer Pro Penguin has a charger that connects with a magnet.  Two prongs on the charger that match the two prongs on the Penguin.  This was new to me.  I set it up and started the charge.  I came back about four hours later to find that the magnet had shifted and so the Penguin was not charged.  So, lesson learned.  I set it up again a little more securely and the charge took quickly.

The main idea is to place the open hallow of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin directly on your clitoris and it wraps around the clitoris. It vibrates and has a suction aspect to it that stimulates in two separate ways but at the same time.   You have the vibration and suction action.  There are eleven different settings.  The first setting is “barely there”.  You feel it and its a nice gentle introduction.  Once the toy is in place you don’t have to move it around, it does all the work.  Each setting is a noticeable increase in sensation.  It is also waterproof so “fun time” in the shower and bath is another plus.  I mean after all – its a penguin!

The first impression of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin was so-so.

My first use of the toy was “ok”.  I think it was me not being sure about the whole thing.  I only used the first two settings and I started feeling numb.  It was that weird buzzing numbness your clit gets when it is overstimulated or too much in one area.  I also wasn’t sure it had charged completely because it was running a little weak.  Or so I thought.  On the second try, I got a handle on the control switch.

I never made it to the 11th setting.  Like most things, it depends on what you prefer.  I don’t come easily.  I never have.  So I was expecting this to take a minute.  The direct contact and the varying speeds were like most vibrators, but the two separate sensations were really different (for me) and really satisfying.   The vibration was good but the suction was even better.  The thing to point out about the suction is that it was gentle.  If you are looking for something to stretch your clit, this isn’t it.  But, it is substantial enough that you knew something was happening.  I didn’t get the numbness and uncomfortable tingling that I felt the first time.  The orgasm came slow and almost snuck up on me.   I was in control and each time I increased the setting was a new sensation.  For me, it was a very nice gradual increase to get to the orgasm.

Most of the time, when I use a vibrator it isn’t “toe-curling” or “moaning” type orgasms that result.  This little guy has changed all that.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was not disappointed. The only negative I experienced was the charging issue.  I am not a fan of the magnet charge, but that is just me.  I will say that I will keep it close at hand!

You can find the Satisfyer Pro Penguin at Jack and Jill Adult – The High-End Adult Toys

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Satisfyer Pro Penguin

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