white woman with dark tan lines laying in the bath with little bubbles one breast showing and legs crossed at the ankles
February Photofest 2019

A Warm Bath

I truly love a warm bath.  Although the thought of taking one is nice, it is often more work than I would like.  If you add oil, bubbles, or one of those bath bomb things, it is also a mess to clean up after.  That being said, I still love a warm bath.  There is something about the warmth of the water and the sound of little bubbles popping.  Sometimes I listen to music but mostly, I just lay there with my eyes shut.  If I allow myself to truly clear my mind it can be wonderful.  Mostly, my brain continues to go crazy and run through all the things I should be doing instead of lying there doing nothing.  I like tan lines and this picture shows them very well.  I pulled this from the archives (obviously since it is February and the tan has long faded).  Seeing the tan made me long for Spring and Summer and the warmth of the sun on my skin.  So I am posting this one to remind me the warm weather is coming soon, even though there is snow on the ground outside.

Sometimes I have to get past my thoughts and just take a bath.

Sinful Sunday
And… since I seem to be getting more adventurous with my photos I decided to link to Sinful Sunday.  I could use a little sin on Sunday so a sexy bath and showing some tan lines seem to fit quite well for this chilly lonely evening. Click on the kiss to see the other Sinful Sunday posts.


  • naughtynora

    Great photo! I love a nice long hot bath. I agree though…those bath bombs are more trouble than they are worth. I stick to all natural foams now when I can find them. Way less mess.

    • Toy

      Right! Especially the ones that have little bits of stuff in them, lavender or something like that. I love that they are natural but washing that out of the tub negates the relaxation!

  • Mrs Fever

    Your tan shows gorgeously against the white of your bath.

    I recently rediscovered the joy of a warm-water calming soak; it is an activity I intend to repeat, and soon. 🙂

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