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February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things

Office Sex

Office sex was one of the best we had!  An oldie but I think a goodie!  This picture was the inspiration for my guest post story on Kaylalords.com   This was one of the first pictures that Sir ever took of me while we were together.  (We have one picture of us together that is suitable for all audiences.  Funny enough, we are drinking coffee!).

This was New Year’s Eve.  Always a slow day at work for us, I waited all day for people to finish their staggard schedules and leave the office.  We texted all day about the possibilities.  I, as always, was more excited than he was, or so he made it seem.  When he sent me this picture later that evening, (I knew he took it but sometimes he didn’t share them with me)

I didn’t have my usual response of picking out that roll of fat or that wrinkle or wishing I had a chance for a do-over.  It struck me how pretty the bra was.  Purchased new just for him, just for that day, just in case it happened.  I thought about how comfortable I looked, propped up on a desk, one leg on the floor, fingering myself at his command.

This is probably the first picture I have of myself touching myself.

I thought about how had my eyes been open and had I known he was taking the picture, I would have looked different.  My usual shy self.  I would have looked away.  This picture catches me in a moment that I had waited for all day.  Fantasized and dreamed about.  This picture catches me feeling free under his control.  When I look at this picture, I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I remember his voice, his touch, his smell, his everything.  To be fair and honest, I also remember how, even though this was an amazing way to end the day, I was ultimately sad that I had to go home without him.  I always fought with those feelings of being grateful for his time and attention, but always wanting more.

This was without a doubt my absolute best New Year’s Eve ever!  Office sex is a new favorite for sure!  Now you have seen the picture, head over to KaylaLords.com – Guest Post – The Office to read what happened that day!

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February Photofest

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