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February Photofest 2019 – Day 7

I have never liked the view from behind me.  I had an ongoing joke with my best friend growing up when we would go into the dressing room to try on clothes, she would always say, “It looks good from behind.”  Whether it did or didn’t she always said it did because she knew how I felt about it.

My opinion of my ass has always been, it is big, flabby and not very attractive.  I also had the opinion that no one ever saw it and I could squish it into a pair of jeans and forget about it.  When I started having sex.  It was never the kind of sex that I worried about what my ass looked like.  It was sex under covers and in the dark so I was safe.   As I got older and it started to spread, we began a very hateful relationship. I never embraced my curves anyway, and my but was causing me problems getting clothes to fit, etc.  So I just started hating it and trying to hide it.

Are we really going to talk about my ass?

It wasn’t until I started my relationship with Sir that I had any kind of positive conversations about my ass.  Anyone I talked to was normally my girlfriends where I was complaining about my ass and also lamenting to how badly I hated squats!  So there you go.  If you don’t like something change it, but I didn’t like exercise either.  Sir offered me a different perspective.  He pointed out the positives of all my parts, particularly the two major ones that I really struggled with, my ass and my stomach.  It was ridiculous how many conversations we had about my ass. He loved it in clothes and out of them.  He loved spanking it.  This was hard for me because I was basically presenting it to him.

This man, legitimately loved my butt!

He would tell me he loved how it moved in response to the spanking.  Watching it when he was fucking me from behind was one of his favorite things.  He loved how soft the skin was and how he could grab it and hold onto it so I couldn’t get away.

He had taken a video of us fucking, him from behind.  I asked to see it.  He hesitated because he said he knew I wouldn’t like it and it would make me feel self-conscious.  Therefore,  if I watched it I had to be open to seeing it from his eyes, not mine.  I agreed.  I agreed to see it from his perspective, but I was hesitant to take his perspective and make it my own.  He understood and showed me the video.

As I watched I tried to see his perspective.  This was not an immediate transition.  He pointed out what he saw as the good parts and appealing things to him.  That day on his couch, I agreed to try to move forward with a better attitude about my ass.  To start, I told myself that he liked it, loved it even, and that was all that I needed to know.  Moving forward when I had to look at my ass, I just said out loud, “Sir loves it and so should I.”  It was my new mantra.

I am still not in love with my butt!

Sir and I are no longer together, I am still not in love with my ass, but I do still repeat my mantra when I have to look at it.  Recently someone else told me he loved my ass too, so maybe there is something to it other than what I see.

This picture was my daughter’s idea because she knows I don’t like my ass.  We got a little more adventurous and those photos will come later, but for now, here is a little peek of my butt!  I am still not in love with it and I still hate squats.


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