college of different parts a room that have various beds, st Christopher cross, straps and arched bench

Playroom or Dungeon

A nice playroom is a goal of mine. I was reminded of this photo when I read 15 Things I Used to Believe about BDSM and D/s from  I still consider myself a newbie in the D/s relationship realm.  My Sir was very good at helping to educate me and I learned a lot from him.  He enlightened me and corrected many of my misconceived notions about kink and relationships as they relate to BDSM.

The person I had met that first introduced me to anything kinky was not a good representation at all.  I realize that now, but back then I bought it like it was pizza.  He had a very “caveman” like take on it all.  He showed me porn to give me an idea of what he wanted and expected, and HE said was the definition of BDSM.  I wish I could say it was common sense and not fear that had me running for the hills and leaving him in the dust, but it was straight up fear!

He mentioned one time I should be always looking over my shoulder because I would never know when he and his friends were coming for me.  I had never consented to or expressed any interest in this kind of play.  He scared the shit out me.  So meeting Sir and spending time with him, while he slowly brought me into a very comfortable place was a nice contrast and even more, opened my mind to amazing things that he and I were able to experience together.

Having said that,  a while ago, I was scrolling through social media and found this photo.  I can’t give credit because I don’t know who posted or where it came from originally.  When I saw it, it was in such contrast to what I had seen in those videos.  Not even in a Fifty Shades of Grey way.  I could legitimately see this in my basement!  I posted it on Twitter and said just that.

This is felt like a nice realistic possibility of a playroom.  Something normal middle-class regular folks that like kink could do in their own homes.  I love the black and red color scheme, my two favorite colors and I love that it is kind of simple too.  If I ever own a house again, this is a playroom goal.  Kayla’s post reminded me of what I thought BDSM was before and what I believe it can be now.  I love sex in all kinds of places.  Being outside and all of that as well.  I don’t always want or have to have a specific place or playroom.  It was nice realizing that to enjoy my kinky preferences, I don’t have to be in a dungeon either if I don’t want to be!

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