February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things


Marks of Play


One of the things I loved most about being with Sir/Daddy was the marks!  From the smallest bruise to his most beautiful handprint, I loved that he left his mark on me.  Marks made me feel so good when a couple of days later, I still had traces of him on my body.  This was particularly important to me because I didn’t see him often.   It could be months before I would have a chance to be with him again.

When he left marks it made me smile.  I loved sitting down the day after a spanking and feeling the sting or ache brought from his hand, paddle or crop.   When my arm would brush against my breast and I would feel the familiar soreness where he had pinched, pulled, bitten, grabbed or squeezed.  They would take me back to the exact moment the marks were made and I could relive the moment over again.  The marks brought back his voice, his touch, his scent.

This photo was one of the first I took after one of our moments together.  I remember feeling proud of my bruises.  I took this and sent it to him with a note that simply said, “Thank you!”


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February Photofest
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