two bare white legs at thigh level with a Derin cane with black handle and white whip laying across the legs. Whip marks visible on legs
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Feeling the Sting.

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands!  Although it isn’t at all the same as having it done to me, I have to admit I enjoyed feeling the familiar sting and seeing the marks I was able to make.  This was new to me.  This Delrin Cane actually lends itself to self-use, whether it was meant to or not.  Pulling back the cane and releasing it to hit my skin was a challenge.

Knowing the strike is coming is quite different from anticipating it.  There was hesitation.  I was more gentle than I am used to or had expected from Sir.   It took a few times before I could breathe and release without hesitation.  I found looking away helped a bit, but I also enjoyed watching the cane slap my legs, and then immediately seeing the swelling and red color form on them was also exciting to me.  Sir never wanted me to watch because he knew the anticipation was exciting to me.  I know now that watching it happen has its own properties as well.

I bought this as a gift for Sir.  I have never seen anything like it and I knew he hadn’t either and I was looking forward to having something at my house that only we had used.  It felt really good and I can honestly say I am looking forward to using it more often.  Alone or with someone else.   Sir left me before I had a chance to give it to him.  I consider this his loss.

I found this cane at  The Kinky Fuckery Shop hand made by The Wood Dom!

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