naked body laying in a bathtub white with coral colored rose between her breast legs bent at knee visible
February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things

Feeling Pretty

Feeling pretty in coral roses!

Sometimes it is the little things that have you feeling pretty!   Pretty shoes, pretty clothes, or nothing at all and a few little coral roses to make you feel just a little more pretty.  Perhaps even a little sexy too!  I think we all find our sexy in different ways and in different forms.

I don’t feel pretty often.  I go through the motions a lot but usually fall short.  This picture I actually liked and it made me feel good!  I can honestly say that the bathtub has never been a place that I have felt pretty or sexy.  It is where all the rolls are visible and while I am usually alone, it is where I am the most vulnerable.

Sometimes, you just have to take a leap and hope the feelings of pretty come later.  As I revisit this picture, it did make me feel better about myself.  Of course, I edited the rolls and the parts I didn’t want to show.  Obviously, we have some major filtering going on.  That is okay though.  I know it is me under all those filters and I am fine with it… today.

Tomorrow may be another story and I am learning that is okay too.  I think the more I try to always feel a certain way, the less I feel that way.  So I will keep trying to just feel how I feel and make the best of it.  Each day is a new day to feel a certain way.  Take those moments to be kind to ourselves and remove some of the pressure we place on ourselves.

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February Photofest

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