fishnet stockings on one foot with red toe shoes that face to black toward the heel
February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things


I don’t love everything about my body, but I can and do (at times) like how parts of my body look in certain things or on certain days.  Some days I think I’m rocking the whole package and some days I can’t find one strand of hair that I’m happy with.  My calves and feet, rarely disappoint when a good pair of fishnets and shoes all work together.  I do have an obsession when it comes to shoes.  Boots, sandals, heels, and sometimes barefoot with an anklet does the trick.  I recently discovered those cute little “soleless” sandals that I can’t wait to wear this summer.

I saw these shoes on a website and instantly fell in love with them.  My two favorite colors together and I love how the colors change as your eyes follow them to the back of them.  I love that they are high stilettos and I think they are extremely sexy.  Ordering them, knowing I would probably never wear them.  I actually thought they would be bedroom shoes or much like those thigh high stockings that are supposed to stand on their own without a garter and not fall down (which is bull) they would be walking to his house shoes!

When they arrived, I slipped them on and was surprised that they were actually quite comfortable!!  They are still probably just bedroom shoes, but I like how they look and how they make my legs look.  I took several pictures and couldn’t decide on just one so I picked four to share!

I have a lot of heels that rest under my bed waiting their turn to shine.  Two pairs specifically were a gift from Daddy and while they sometimes make me sad, they are gorgeous and sexy and I love them.  I will love them, I will wear them, I will feel sexy in them, because of me, not because he gave them to me.

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