white woman on motorcycle with short skirt and long tall boots in black. black leather jacket with purple corset underneath. Blonde hair, leaning on back of bike facing the back
February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things

Feeling Sexy

Feeling sexy isn’t easy for me.  There have been few times in my life when I have felt sexy.  This was one of those times.   I did a photoshoot with Daddy’s bike because I wanted to give him something for his birthday (2/13 and Valentines’ Day (2/14).  I thought photos with the bike (his pride and joy) would be a different idea.  It was the beginning of February, freezing, in the storage unit where he kept his bike.  I changed in the storage unit and took steady shots of Fireball whiskey to keep warm.  Just the act of getting ready for the photoshoot had me feeling sexy.

I had a couple of outfit changes and each time I put on a different outfit the sexier I felt.  I had a blast.  This photo was one of my favorites.   I felt sexy and pretty and free.  It was partly because I was doing something for him, and partly because I was doing something for me.  I am sure, mostly because of the whiskey.  When I saw these pictures and started editing, I saw a confident sexy me.  I don’t see her often.  I really like her.  She needs to come around more often.

Feeling sexy for me is a new thing.  Daddy gave that to me and I will be thankful for that for a long time.  Feeling sexy unleashes confidence in me.  I’m not sure why and more unsure if the “why” matters.  What truly matters and what I am finding more these days is that I am more able to see the sexy in me than I was my entire life.  Whether I am posing on a motorcycle (praying I don’t fall over) or in sweat pants with no panties curled up on the couch, it is how you feel inside and how you view yourself.  That is where it comes from.

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February Photofest


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      Thank you! I loved it! Out of the 100 photos that were taken, I kept 11 that made me feel amazing! He enjoyed them. After I assured him no harm was done to the bike in the taking of the photos. He almost had a stroke when he realized I had to move the bike, and then move it back!

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