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February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things

Redemption – February Photofest 2019

Redemption over ice

Redemption, in his whiskey and in his soul!

I started drinking whiskey with my Dom.  New for me because I am a bit of a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.  While he drank his straight, I added ginger ale to ease the burn.

After our break up, I continued to drink whiskey.  I had learned to like it and enjoy it.  Sometimes, I even drank it straight.  I kept Redemption in the house for him on the rare occasions he came over.  When it was clear he wouldn’t be coming over anymore, I kept it on the shelf as a reminder of my loss.

Later I learned that it maybe wasn’t as much of a loss as I had thought.  There was no redemption in him, no redeeming him at this point.  Much of what I thought about him wasn’t true.  While that realization was hard, I have learned to appreciate what he gave to me, the good things he gave to me.  The love of whiskey among other things.

Redemption is something that you earn, ask for, and want.  He doesn’t fall into any of those categories.  I, however, fall into all of them.  Looking back now there was nothing healthy about our relationship, at least for me.  He is responsible for himself.

I still drink Redemption.  I also drink other brands of whiskey that I have found and that I like.  Working on my personal redemption will take a little longer than getting through a bottle of whiskey.  I am ok with that.  People don’t always make the best decision and when they choose badly, there are consequences.  Recovering from those consequences isn’t easy and usually takes longer than the decision was to make, that is normal.

If he chooses to only find redemption in whiskey, that is fine. I choose my redemption both in whiskey and in life.

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