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February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things

Comfy socks

Coming in just under the wire with this one.   It has been a crazy day today.  I remember a lot of talk about comfy socks so I picked this picture to share.  I truly love hanging out at home naked.  If I can’t be naked, I’m usually bundled up in sweat pants and a hoodie.  But this week we were granted a reprieve from the cold weather for a day so I walked around in a top and socks.  It felt amazing!  I love my comfy socks, and love that they match my pajama top!  I have the pants too, but, who needs pants!

I have been working hard at being more comfortable with my body and how I perceive it.  I want to be cute, and sexy, and beautiful but I want to feel it, not just be it.  I have never felt beautiful.  I don’t take compliments well and usually counter them with one or two things about me that are criticisms.  The thing is, I really dislike it when others do that to me.  When I compliment, I say it because it is true.  I am that person that will tell a perfect stranger that I like their shirt, or they look amazing in a dress, or a new hairstyle is wonderful.  I say it because I mean it.  So, when they rebuff it, it feels awkward.   I do that myself so I should know better.  I am working on getting better at that part of myself.  Being able to accept compliments and maybe even compliment me sometimes and really mean it.

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February Photofest


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