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February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things


I wasn’t given a choice once I gave my consent.  Told to lay on the bed.  Hang my arms off the side.  Spread my legs just a little.  Wait.

There is a warm breeze that travels over my body.  His breath?  My skin comes alive with his closeness.  I wait.

Was that a noise?  Did he move?  I am not sure.  Quieting my mind so that I can hear him.  I wait.

My hair moves.  Did he touch my hair?  I shudder and wait.

I feel the heat from his body warming my skin without touch.  He is close, just wait.

Please touch me, I scream to myself.  The desire rises inside me.  My desire does not grant me my wish.  I wait.

Hearing the words, his mouth next to my ear, his voice in a slow low whisper, “Good girl.”

I hear the sound of the door opening, and then closing.  Silence in the room.  My consent, my choice, I wait.

Giving the consent to have your choices limited is a choice.  WE make choices every day and some are more serious than others.  Some are simple what to have for breakfast and others are whether to spend a lot of money or something.  Making the choice to consent to have others make choices for you is one of the biggest decisions you can make.

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