view of legs bent knees crossed with no pants and wearing a hoody covering the rest of the body comfy clothes
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Comfy clothes

The bottom line, I love my comfy clothes.  I spent some time tonight taking some pictures for the remainder of February Photofest 2019.  I pulled out some corsets and some outfits that I have to get in some kind of mood other than the one I was in.  It has been a day and I’m just feeling blah!  I pulled out two of my favorites corsets.  The problem with being curvy down below is that in order to get corsets to fit low, they are baggie up top.  I did all kinds of perspectives and just ended up more frustrated than when I started out.  I got them done so goal accomplished.

After I edited everything and uploaded everything I took a little break.  I looked down and actually thought how nice my legs looked.  Naked from the waist down in my XO oversized sweatshirt.  Sometimes, comfy clothes and baggie are as sexy as hell.

I love leather and lace lingerie and all the things that are the social norms of sexy.  I believe sexy is a state of mind.  I didn’t always feel that way but over the past few years, I have embraced what is sexy to me and not just what is sexy on social media. I can rock an oversized hoodie with no pants and feel just as sexy in that outfit as I do in a leather corset tied tightly to show my curves.  It is all about your state of mind and not always your state of dress.

Today, feeling sexy as hell in my baggie sweatshirt and naked legs, this is my comfy sinful Sunday.

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February Photofest
Sinful Sunday

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