white woman laying own with red corset on side view
February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things

Curves – February Photofest 2019 – Day 27

Curves!  February Photofest shows my curves!  Curves… carefully disguised but I know they are there.  I’m kind of liking the curve of my ass in this picture though!  I have to laugh at this because I took a million pictures in this corset.  I love it.  The other half is black.  My two favorite colors together in one corset!  Perfect!  I ordered it and when I came I was excited that it fit my hips well.  I then looked at the top and somehow had lost my breasts!  Curvy at the bottom and small at the top means some things may need to be tailored.  I don’t care for this picture though.  I love the curve of my ass, the arch of my back.  Sexy clothes are a favorite thing of mine.  I don’t have a lot and don’t wear stuff like this often.  Sir liked them but preferred me naked.  I, however, like the way I feel when I put on something silky, lacy, revealing, sexy.  I also love being naked, but sometimes it feels good to put on something that makes you feel sexy, horny, and wanting to play.  Curves!

I use to have a hard time identifying my curves.  They always just looked like rolls of fat.  I think this is where your perspective comes in to play.  You have to embrace all your parts.  If you can, and it is within your power to change or improve them, then, of course, do that.  Making those decisions are up to you and only you. Just make sure you do it for you and only you!

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