a group of people shritless sharing their breast and faces covered black and white
Boobday,  EroticonUK 2019

Eroticon Boobs!!

I have a lot to say about Eroticon 2019 and the amazing experience that it was.  One of the highlights and a great way to finish off the weekend was the Eroticon Boob photo!  Hyacinth, who has made boobs extra special with her Boobday meme that she runs on A Dissolute Life Means had the amazing idea of everyone getting together and taking these photos.  She sent it out on Twitter.

I immediately responded, “I’m in!”

Honestly, I didn’t hesitate for even a second.  The vibe from everyone at this conference was electric.  I knew there would be several people interested in taking part in this.  I had no idea how many actually would.  The thing that struck me most was not necessarily the number of folks willing to show their exotic boobs.  It was how free and non-judgemental the whole process was.  The last time I showed my boobs in a room with that many people was probably the high school gym locker room!  The laughter, the cooperation, the consideration for privacy, and everyone checking in on everyone else to make sure they were ok.  It was beautiful.  More importantly, it was fun!

It helped to have a wonderful photographer in the house!

I use to photograph weddings as a part-time gig.  Bridal parties of a total of four people were not able to get coordinated and organized as much as this much larger group of topless folks!  Missy from Focusedandfilthy.com and Molly from mollysdailykiss.com traded off taken these pictures, offering ideas for not only the photographic integrity but also to keep everyone feeling comfortable and keeping privacy in mind.

Eroticon boobs of all shapes and sizes!

I have a running joke that my boobs are surgically perfect since my reduction a few years ago.  With these pictures, I think I may need to stop using that joke when describing my boobs.  There were boobs of all shapes and sizes.  There were jokes as we got started that we weren’t wearing our cute bras, a few shaving jokes, and most of all, no judgment.  This is a group of really amazing people.  This is only a few of the amazing people I met that weekend.  I haven’t felt a part of a group in a really long time.  Eroticon 2019 changed all that.  These pictures cemented it.

Happy Boobday everyone!  Thank you, Hyacinth for your amazing idea!

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