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Sinful Sunday

Good Girl

Good Girl!

I haven’t heard these words in a while.  Good Girl.   Quite a while actually and I miss it.  I miss hearing the words whispered in my ear or sent in a text.  Two little words that show so much.  They show that I have done something to please someone.  That I have made someone happy or proud of me. I still do these things for others, but there is something about these words from someone you trust with every piece of yourself that makes the deed even more gratifying.

In finding myself out of a D/s relationship I realize that I miss a lot of things about it.  The list is long and I hope at some point I will find it again, but for now, I am taking time to figure out what I want, and who I am outside of any relationship.

So today, for letter G prompt and Sinful Sunday, I decided to stretch my comfort level and share this photo of my ass.  I took it for February Photofest 2019 but it didn’t make the cut. Going through photos last night it rolled by and caught my eye.  I still don’t love my ass, but I love the courage I had to take the photo and keep it.  (I am sure I deleted a few before I got to this one).  Today, I post it, and tell myself, “Good Girl.”  It isn’t the same, but it is still nice to hear.

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