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Security Camera


Security cameras, ugh! Rebecca installed the video security cameras when she first hired someone to come and walk her dog.  She felt uneasy about a stranger in her home so she ordered a couple of security cameras.  One for the living room and one for the bedroom.  She wanted to know if someone was browsing through her house.  Recent events had her now working less, the dog walker no longer needed, she barely remembered they were there.  Walking into her bedroom she heard the familiar beeping that alerted her the camera had been offline.  Glancing at the clock she realized at some point the electricity had been off and all clocks were blinking and everything would need to be reset.

Tempted to just disconnect the camera she sat down to reset it.  It was a nuisance but knowing the cameras were there as a backup gave a little bit of comfort.  She started resetting the camera.  Noticing there was a day that was a tag with a motion detection alert.  Clicking on it she realized it was a day she had off.  It was also a day she had company.

Seeing the security camera cover photo she felt a pang of guilt.

These security cameras were barely a thought to her.  However, Brandon knows they exist and this one was in clear view. She felt guilty that he was recorded and there was no conversation about it.  They had talked about security cameras.  He had them himself, so she knew he was cool with it.  Even still, she needed to let him know.

She took a snapshot of the video on still and texted him with the picture.  Typing out a message she attached the photo with the words, “So this happened.  Sorry, I didn’t know the camera was rolling.  I’ll delete it, but I wanted to let you know it happened.

“Why are you so eager to delete what I am sure is a very interesting video?” was his response.  She smiled.  Remembering he had no shame about these things, she responded, “not eager at all just didn’t want to take advantage of you.”

“Not possible baby girl.”  She smiled a little bigger this time and responded, “I will archive it then for when I cannot be with you.”

“Good plan.  Off to the gym, I’ll text you later.”

Glad he wasn’t annoyed at her, she put the phone down and got ready for bed.

Settling in for the night she reached for the phone to set her alarms.  The security camera app was still open.  Pulling open the video of last week she pushed play.  The half-hour segments of 9 videos had captured every moment of their lovemaking.  Scanning through the cover photos she picked the one that on first sight had her feeling that familiar tingling.   Clicking on the square, the app opened the 30-minute video and she was met with a record of her memory.

Brandon on his back as she straddled him, grinding forward and backward.  Lost in the feeling of his cock inside her.  Her eyes were closed as she kept a rhythm.  She watched with such intent she was surprised.  She had seen up close videos of their fucking before, usually taken with his cell phone and very direct video of his cock entering her pussy.   This was the first time she had seen a video of herself at a distance.  Both of them lost in their lovemaking.  She stared at her own image and the ecstasy she was feeling.  Never before seeing herself fuck another person she was entranced at this side of herself.

His hands moved slowly caressing all parts of her body.

She watched his hands moved across her hips and between her thighs to massage her clit.  Reaching with one hand to her throat to apply that pressure she longed for.  Slowly moving both hands to her nipples to squeeze and pinch, bringing that shooting alert of pain from her nipples to her clit and back again.  He wasn’t methodical, he was all over the place making sure she wouldn’t know what to expect.

Wrapped in the video she felt her fingers on her clit.  Wet and wanting to feel him inside her again, she left her thumb on her clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy.  There was no sound on the video, the squelching noises she heard were present time.  Mimicking as best as she could the actions in the video she rolled over on all fours propping the phone on the pillow.  Leaning back on her heels she inserted her fingers again as far into her pussy as she could, the other hand on her clit.  Using the blankets to add bulk between her legs, feeling her hair tickle her back she felt the tingling and the need to move faster against her own hands and the blankets.

Following his lead, she moved her hands in synchronized movements with him.  

As his hands moved to her nipples she followed with her own.  Not wanting to leave her clit but wanting to relive the moment he had created.  Watching in the video as she bucked forward slightly as he pinched her nipple and moved the sensation from her nipple to her clit.  She wanted to go back to her clit, but he didn’t so she couldn’t.  Following his lead she reached for her nipple and pinched it hard, smiling as she successfully caused the exact same sensation, the exact same response as she did on the video.

She watched as his knees bent and he adjusted his hips to thrust stronger and harder into her pussy.  She adjusted the blanket between her legs to press close to the inside of her thighs.  His hands moved to her hips, pulling her hard against him.  He was assisting with her rhythm, controlling the pace.  Mimicking the pace he set on the video she rocked her hips backward and forward, grinding against the blanket and her fingers in her pussy, her thumb on her clit.   She was lost in the feelings her own hands were creating for her, but she was also sternly focused on the screen on the phone to be sure not to miss a moment of the actions and motions she saw there on the video from the security camera.

Unconsciously, she was waiting to come with herself on the video from the security camera.

She watched the action on the screen as the intensity increased in the security camera video.  Watching herself lean forward and place her hands on his chest, rocking her hips faster, grinding harder against him.  There was no sound on the video but she knew what she said to him.  Her fingers moving faster inside her pussy, her thumb working a determined pattern on her clit, she had asked permission to come.  Not looking away from the video, not even blinking, in a breathless whisper alone in her room, watching herself ask permission, she heard herself ask the same to the pillows and blankets and the rolling video on her phone.  Waiting until she saw his lips move and give her permission.

The tension was unbearable.  She wanted to release and finish her orgasm.  The blanket soaked with her juices, the only noises she could hear were her fingers moving in and out of her pussy.  She stared at herself in the video waiting to match the feelings and match the orgasm.  Permission was given as she read his lips and knew it was ok.

The video from the security cameras still rolling she watched as the pace of her hips went faster with his hands on her hips, guiding her.  Bucking one final time and held herself close to him, and he held on to her as she trembled over him.  As she watched, never blinking, never looking away, she felt her orgasm building.  One final thrust of her fingers and direct pressure to her clit, and mimicking that one final thrust of her hips she saw in the video, she came while watching her own. orgasm.  As trembling waves of electricity ran through her body she allowed herself, for the first time, to close her eyes.

The rest she did by memory without the need for the security cameras.

Rolling to her back, Rebecca’s breath slowed to a normal pace.  She reached to caress her breast as she remembered he had done.  The video from the security camera off, her phone to the side, she closed her eyes and remembered how he held her, how he kissed her hair, how he pulled her close, and how he whispered “good girl” in her ear.  She cradled herself as the memory rolled through her mind, arms crossing the front of her body, one hand on her breast and the other hand applying small easy pressure between her thighs to calm the jerking muscles.

Coming down from the high of her masturbating and orgasm, she reached to set her alarm, as was intended when she first picked up her phone.  Setting the alarm and snuggling into her pillow and covers she rolled to the side to let sleep take over.   As she did, she glanced at the dresser.  A quiet little giggle escaped her,  as she caught sight of her security camera, the blinking red light that let her know the camera was recording.

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