black and white photo of woman's breasts dark robe wrapped under the breast, tan lines on boobs blonde hair visible
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A little Boobday fun!

I was feeling the need for a little boobday fun!  I haven’t been feeling so sexy and since the last time I was showing my boobs and feeling sexy, I was at Eroticon.  Hoping to pull some of that back!

This picture is one of my out takes from February Photofest.  I didn’t use it because there was a roll showing.  I was tired and slumping over.  Looking at it today I thought it didn’t look that bad.  I guess I was really overly critical of all my pictures, but I always am.

So, its a roll.  Big deal.  We all have them.  What I see now is that my hair is really super long!  I’ve worked a long time at making that happen.  What I also see is even though this picture was taken in February I still have a pretty impressive tan line!  So I am sharing this for Boobday today to feel better about myself and better about this picture.

I really had to focus on writing this week.  I didn’t write at all last week and while there were things going on I’m pretty sure I was using all my other things as an excuse.  So, intent on changing that – here are my boobs for boobday!

Check out some really beautiful boobs



  • minnie

    I am also super critical of all photos of me. All I see are imperfections. I’m learning to be better.
    I’m glad you saw the beauty of this photo. I think it’s gorgeous, absolutely elegant. I love the color, the composition. I honestly don’t see the roll you were first worried about, not at all. I see comfort, and self contentedness. I imagine at this moment you were in an intimate conversation, smiling, and happy with the day and the company. This is the kind of photo I would frame and hang on the wall.

    • Toy

      Thank you so much. It is a process to be less critical of ourselves. To be more kind to ourselves. I really appreciate your comments.

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