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June it is!

June 1st.  It will forever be known as the day after my daughters birthday.  I never looked at it as the first day of the last half of the year.  I have been a bit “off the grid” lately.  I wish I could explain why but I just have been feeling off.  I could list all the things that I feel are the reason for my distance but I am not sure they are valid or even the actual reasons.  I have sat to write a few times and the blank page is threatening.  I am not sure what it is threatening, it just is.

Running through my emails I saw Molly’s post about the feeling of June 1 and how she thought this year would go, and how it didn’t.  This resonated with me.  Again, I am not sure why it just did.  So I decided that I would join the #everydamndayinjune meme this year.

I am hopeful that this half of the year will be better than the first half.  It isn’t that the first half was horrible.  It was actually pretty good.  I am slowly recovering from my break up, attended Eroticon, made wonderful friends online, and have written more and hopefully improved my writing.

I rarely feel sorry for myself.  Self-pity was something I never had time for.  Some days, I feel bad about how things are going, but I usually don’t spend a lot of time thinking about “poor me”.  I do spend time thinking about how I can make things better.  I try to focus on the positive and change the negative as best as I can become positive.

The little things bothering me are perhaps things I can’t let go of and I hope to change that.  Until then, I will write #everydamndayinjune


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