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Memes and Things,  Sinful Sunday


Most of the mirrors in my house are pretty high.  Some I hung myself (which is never a good thing) and some are standard and came with the house.  My medicine cabinet in the bathroom is so high that I can truly only see my head and shoulders.  (Again, not necessarily a bad thing).  I have one full-length mirror in my house that sits on my closet door.  This mirror isn’t nice to me so I don’t spend a lot of time with it.   It doesn’t deserve me.

As a kid, one of my favorite things to do was swim and it still is.  When I wonder when my body image issues started there are many possibilities but I do remember my swim coach saying that I had the shoulders for a swimmer and that was about it.  Yeah, she was a bitch!  I knew what she meant so my swimming career ended almost as quickly as it started.  Swimming is something I still enjoy and shoulders can still pull my body through the water regardless of its size.

Shoulders are sexy

I am attracted to all parts of the body, some more than others.  I have always found shoulders and backs very attractive.  We take our shoulders for granted I think.  They are used every day all day in ways that we never even realize.  Like blinking and actually like most muscles that we don’t focus on, they do their things and we just accept it until they make their presence known.

My shoulders have been through a lot.  I haven’t always been kind.  Swimming, gymnastics, karate, cheerleading, all activities I experienced at some point in my life and I’ve never been good at self-care.  My profession is such that I am always moving my hands and arms.  My shoulders are basically still and straight and that is another stressor for them.  This month, I decided to build a patio.  Yep, one day I decided that would be a good idea.  No help, just me, digging, shoveling, hauling rocks, hammering, etc.

My shoulders took the brunt – like champs – but they are hurting.  Today the patio is done.  I think.  It isn’t perfect but neither am I.  I could mess with it for the rest of my life and unless I hire someone to come in and fix it won’t be what I want it to be.  Today, I decided to just let it go, put the furniture on it and call it done.  That’s today anyway.

I was sitting on the bed trying to find the energy to do what needed to be done and I caught a glimpse of my shoulders.  They hurt, they are sore, they are ready for the patio to be done too.  I realized that my shoulders are pretty.  Sexy even.  They are strong, they are getting tan, they are supportive.  They aren’t a typical sexy body part but I saw them today and realized I really like them.  In any mirror, they look pretty damn good!

So I quickly snapped this very quick selfie, unedited and off center.

No frills just my shoulders and my boobs.  I like them both actually.  Yes, I see my stomach sticking out there but this picture isn’t about my stomach.  It is about my really strong beautiful shoulders.  Most days on top of doing what they are supposed to do – they carry the weight of my world and rarely complain.  I don’t treat them well and I should probably change that.

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