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Today was a little somber in our house as my daughter’s girlfriend is leaving tomorrow.  I wanted to keep busy and be productive while giving her space as she packed her things through cigarettes and tears.   Then my daughter came home and the two of them went to visit a mutual friend so she could say goodbye.  Pretty adult way to handle things in my book.

Being productive for me meant doing small projects around the house that I have wanted to do for a while.  Avoiding the more involved and awkward things I need to do I focused o the little things I needed to get done that could be done quickly.  Or so I thought.

Hanging things on the wall was always easy for me.  I would get any nail I could find, pound it in the wall and hang whatever it was.  I didn’t know they were roofing nails.  It didn’t matter to me because it worked.  But as I have been in relationships with very handy people I was told that wasn’t the way to do it.  Molly bolts, screws, drills, power tools, leveling and measuring apparently is important.  Not to me – everything always looked good when I was finished without the hoopla of all that stuff.

But I have learned that being productive isn’t enough.  You have to be productive and accurate.  Well fuck!  So today, (and last night) I got out the drill, the level, and the measuring tape and lined up my three quick projects.  Did I say three quick projects?  My bad… nothing quick from this girl as patio has proven so why would this be any different.

Ramping up my skills while being necessarily productive was not a good idea!

I trudged on like a trooper and used the molly bolts and drill, etc.  The walls in this old house are plaster which makes things even more tricky.  Why do I always want to hang something on the stud?  Normally this is for stability, right?  Plaster walls put a new spin on things.  

The shelves in my room are up and if I ever leave this place alive I’ll patch those mistakes then.  The shelf and the mail sorter is hung by the door and if you don’t look close you can’t tell they aren’t flush against the wall.  As I have said before, nothing is perfect and neither am I so I’m going to just accept the trophy for being productive and try to walk away.  I will walk by them forever and see the mistakes, but I’ll try not to obsess over it.

I am tired, haven’t showered, and there is plaster dust everywhere.  But I was productive and even managed to finish the laundry so I’m calling it a good day.




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