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She wonders if…

The thoughts cross her mind more frequently than she would like to admit.  She was submissive to the core.  There were times that she would wonder what the charge from being Dominant would be like.  To provide pleasure by inflicting consensual pain.  Is the charge and excitement different?  Does it feel different?  Does it sound different from that perspective?  She wonders.

What would it be like to enter his office and not ask for permission?  Take what she wants, push him against the wall.  Tell him to sit in the chair and wait for her.  Give him tasks and commands and watch him comply.  Check in on him to make sure he is ok.  Get his consent.  Be powerful.  Powerful outside of her submission in a new role as Dominant.  She wonders if she could do it.

She wonders if being assertive would benefit her.  Could she do things without prompt and without guidance?  Could she have him lay on the bed and wait for what was to happen, teasing him with her absence then exciting him with her actions?  Trailing her tongue down his body positioning herself between his thighs.  She wonders if he would like what she had decided to do.  Wonders if she had it in her to tease and cause his excitement by inflicting pain.

She closes her eyes and wonders as it plays it out in her mind. 

Between his thighs would she be able to bring him the excitement he brings to her in his role as her Dominant.  Would she know what he wanted the way he knows her desires?  She wonders if the entire time if she were doing this the right way?  Knowing his body the way he needs her to but in the role of his Dominant.  There is a wonder in everything with being his sub.  Would the wonder in being his Dominant be the same?

As she decides how to please him with her tongue and hands, would he respond to her?  If she wrapped her tongue around his cock, forcefully pushed his legs up and rimmed his asshole with it, would that be ok?  Would he tell her she was the only one to ever have done that and be pleased she had taken initiative?  Would she have to be his Dominant to make those decisions?

She wonders if she could ever be forceful and take it further to inflict pain for his pleasure.  She wonders if she could do that with anyone, not just with him.  Is there any dominance in her or is it just assertiveness?  She wonders even more if she really wants to try or is it just something she wonders about.


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  • Marie Rebelle

    I wonder how many of us subs have had these same questions at one stage or the other. I know my answers were that I would never be able to be the Dominant, not even if he orders me to do it. I just can’t…

    Rebel xox

    • Toy

      I feel the same way. I never could, even if I was told to do so. It would look like Bambi walking on the lake for the first time.

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