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I have made no secret of the fact that my favorite body part is my boobs!  All credit goes to my surgeon.  They are surgically perfect!  The reduction I had was the best thing I have ever done.  The man reason for that is – I can go braless!  Something I was never able to do prior to my surgery.

I wonder sometimes now that if I had been in touch with my kinky self and had a better body image if I would have kept them and used them to my advantage.  Instead, I hid them as best as I could.  At a size JJ, they were not pretty or sexy to me.  They were in the way.  I couldn’t wear blouses and I couldn’t work out without wearing two sports bras.  My little B-C’s are just wonderful, and I think they are very sexy!

Being braless was never anything I thought I would be able to do.  Now, when I get home, taking off the bra is pretty much the first thing I do.  Yard work, the patio building, walking, running, working out, all are now possible to go braless.  I have done all of these things without a bra and loved it.

Walking around braless just fucking feels good!

Today when my daughter got home from work, we decided to get our nails done.  I had already gotten comfy which meant I was braless.  I put on a baggy shirt and asked her if it was ok.  She said yes so out the door I went – braless!

It makes me feel sexy to walk around without a bra.  It also makes me feel comfortable.  Baggy tee shirts or camisoles, I love being able to wear any shirt I want without worrying about a bra.

I still love cute and sexy bras and I love wearing them because they also make me feel pretty.  However, the comfort and freedom of not having to wear one make me feel amazing.  Going braless is definitely one of my kinks!




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