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Lazy afternoons

Today was a good day.  Lazy afternoons haven’t happened for me lately.  For some reason, I have had the need to keep busy and can’t sit still.  Today, I didn’t do a thing except for my monthly massage.  While the massage was brutal and much needed and I’m sore from it, it was nice to have an afternoon to do nothing.

My daughter was working so I had the house to myself.  The alone time was also nice.  After my shower, I sat on the couch with the door open because it was a really nice day outside.  I couldn’t bring myself to go outside, even more of a sign that I needed this lazy afternoon.  So I kept the door open.  Naked still, but since I was in the living room right by the front door, I kept myself covered, slightly.  I really miss lazy afternoons.

It always puzzles me how I like to be naked but don’t always feel good about the way I look when I am.  When I moved in to this house alone, Sir required I put window film up because he wanted me naked but didn’t want the neighbors to see.  So all of my windows have film or a curtain.  I love walking around naked and even now I wonder if I would mind if the neighbors did see.  This is a true controdiction to my self image issues.

I love being naked on the days I don’t feel horrible about my body.  Relaxed from the massage and the hot shower so sitting on the couch watching ridiculous mindless reruns and being naked was just what I needed.  This lazy afternoon was perfect.  Sometimes it isn’t about figuring out the big things you need.   Sometimes it is the little times when you realize you aren’t that bad to spend time with and being alone isn’t something you worry about.


Sinful Sunday


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