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Our sex

Our sex is not constant or regular or something to count on.  It is rare and random and last minute.  We have labeled it “coffee and sex”.  He comes over in the morning and we share coffee and catch up on our lives.  We lay on my bed talking about our kids, our stress points, and the things that make us both happy.  We end the conversation always talking about why we don’t see each more often, as we would like to.  Then we stare at each other and he leans in to kiss me.

And then it starts.  His kisses are long and strong.  He isn’t Dominant in the sense that I would like.  He is passive almost, but I don’t mind.  Maybe that will come later but for now, I don’t mind.  He kisses me like he wants to be there, wants to kiss me, enjoys kissing me.  He doesn’t pull my hair, though I wish he would, he pulls me in close to him.  His long strong arms pull me in and hold me tightly.  It feels good to be held again.

His hand roams my body, down my back to my ass and he pulls my leg up and over his hip as we lay on our side.  He wants me closer to him.  His other arm is curled around my body at my waste.  His fingers drawling little circles in the dip of my waste and tracing the lines of my ribs. He is learning my body.  The curves he says he loves, the arch of my back, the smell of my hair.

Our sex is a seamless motion as if we had practiced it.

He rolls over on top of me pushing me to my back and spreads my legs to lay his body between them.  Our sex is slow and purposeful.  It isn’t fast and passionate, our sex is savored.  Kissing me as he presses his full weight on me he pulls away and looks in my eyes.  The eye contact is purposeful.  He likes to look into my eyes it is something he says he remembers when he is alone.  

With slow and steady movements he grabs my thighs underneath and raises them as he moves down my body.  He may stop at my breast and lick my nipples or bite them lightly.  He has learned that gets a reaction from me.  Saying nothing, focused on me.  I feel the pressure of his hands pushing my legs higher.  My head sinks into the pillow as I feel the heat of his breath on my cunt.  He breathes out to prepare me for what is next.

His tongue, licking softly, running around my clit just outside enough to not make contact… yet.  He spends time there.  It is his form of teasing me.  I want his tongue on my clit but I am patient while he explores my cunt with his tongue.  The flick of his tongue on my clit comes slow and easy, not regulated, not patterned.  Unexpected.  Wanted.

Bringing his body to cover mine again, he kisses me so I can taste myself on his tongue

The first time he did this he hesitated until I showed him I wanted it.  I raised my lips to him, showing him it was ok. Our sex is new and in discovery.  He kisses me now strong, rolling his tongue around mine making sure I taste myself.  Again, we lock eyes.  He smiles and kisses me again.

He raises on his hands and positions his hips.  His cock is hard and ready even though I have given it very little attention.  He was that hard and that ready from what he had done to me.  He leans forward and his cock slaps against me.  I feel the heat from the metal gauge that pierces the head of his cock.  I feel its pressure as it slaps my cunt.  The weight of it is heavy as it thuds against me as he continues to rock his hips back and forth slapping me harder with each rocking motion.

I feel the gauge enter me first.  Its thickness and weight push me open for him.  His cock slides in slowly allowing me to adjust to the gauge and his cock.  The length of him fills me and I feel the gauge rubbing the inside of me.  He is slow at first allowing me once again to adjust to him.  Moving faster, I feel the gauge moving inside me.  My cunt contracts on him and a groan escapes from him.

My legs in the air as he thrusts inside me, my feet on his shoulders.

I love the way his shoulder fits perfectly in the ball of my foot.  Resting there at first and as he moves faster I press my feet into him to brace myself for the impact of him.   I feel all of him, his cock, the gauge, all of him.  My hips are moving with him, our rhythm in sync.  I want him to fuck me harder and I tell him, I ask him to fuck me harder.  I feel the wet drip of my juices covering my cunt as he moves in and out.

Our eyes meet again, a long stare locked on each other.  One word, “Now?”

Two more words, “yes, now!”

We move together, we breathe together, we come together.

New.  Evolving.  Open.  Honest.  Fun.  Different.

This is our sex.


Masturbation Monday
Sinful Sunday


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