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I have never been someone who has migraines.  Or so I thought.  For the past few months, I have had nothing but headaches.  Sometimes they are super noticeable and sometimes barely there.  They have been constant, however.   Today has been one of those days where it was constant and pretty painful.  The usual dulling medication did not work so for me this has been a wasted day.
Back in the day and probably still true today, people use to joke about women saying they didn’t want to have sex because they had a headache.  My joke was that my headache had nothing to do with the parts of me that would be involved.  Of course, back then I wasn’t having good sex or any sex for that matter.  I also rarely had headaches back then!  Today, I can honestly say that sex would be difficult feeling the way I do.
I wanted to know what kind of headache I was experiencing that would have me honestly say I would not want to have sex so I started doing research.  I hate research.  I like learning things but I prefer others to do the research and tell me what they find out.  I use to think I could research online but one link and I’m off on another topic altogether.   After months of having these ridiculous constant headaches, I decided maybe I should look into it.

Online diagnosis of headaches

I learned early on to NOT go online when trying to figure out what is wrong with any part of my body.  It is a scary place and most of the time it is one extreme or the other.  I also hate going to the doctor.  I avoid that like the plague and that probably isn’t a good thing either but that is me.

So, I compromised with Pinterest!  I found the chart above that shows the type of headache by the location.  Guess what?   Anxiety and tension headache for the win!  Quite honestly, I probably could have figured that out myself.



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