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Another song

Music was always important to her and that will never change.  All of her life experiences she can relate back to a songs lyric.  Fast and hard beating to get out her anger or slow and sad to match the bleeding of her broken heart.    Her entire life could be written with the songs in her playlist.  The most primary type of songs in that playlist would be the cheating songs.  Why is this?  Because she has a habit of falling for those she cant have.  Every day, week, month, there is another song that speaks to her life.

Does He Love You?   One of her favorites.  The story of a woman who finally confronts the woman she knows has been sleeping with her husband.  While this isn’t a typical song, normally done as duet it shows the perspective of both women.  A song of hurt and betrayal from the wife, and of doubt and guilt from the mistress.  Which role she relates to depends on which relationship she is dwelling on at the moment.

Stay. Another song she relates to so deeply.  She listens to and sings and feels with all her sole.  Wishing she had the strength of the woman in this song.  The other woman, telling her man of how she feels and expressing the lonliness and sadness of being the dirty little secret.  She saw the patterns from her past and preset and this song plays like a tape on repeat.  Every time she sees this video or hears this song she cries along with it.

Maybe some day, she will rise to the strength of all the women in these songs.   The strength or the woman telling him to go and the courage of the woman confronting her mans mistress.  Oh, that woman, who confronted the situation, ended up killing both of them in a boat explosion.  Perhaps the biggest lesson she should learn.


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