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All my life my favorite color was red!  Perhaps that was a sign.  Funny thing is, back in the day, girls were supposed to like pink and pastel colors and red was for whores.  It wasn’t a power color back then.  I don’t even remember when it changed or when I noticed it changed, but I always loved the color.

I started wearing red when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I hated all the maternity clothes.  The word Baby with an arrow pointing to my stomach was not cute to me.  So I bought larger clothes and started adding red scarves and such.

Embracing the “red” in my life was slow but it was fun.  When I bought the farm and we started redoing the kitchen we painted one wall a dark red.  It was a hard sell but I won that one.  After that (and many years later – for sure) I embraced everything about my love for the color red.

Maybe it was no mistake that my favorite color is red and also a prominent color associated with passion.  Perhaps it was a way of me expressing passion that was missing from my life – through color.  Now, half of my wardrobe is black due to my profession and red goes so well with black!  It makes me happy.

Red as a power color was something I never thought much about.  I had a little red car and honestly, I didn’t drive any faster or take any more risks with it.  I just liked the color.  I see the power in the color.  It is bright and strong, has many shades on the spectrum.  There is good in the different shades but can also be a pain in the ass when you are trying to match it with other reds.

I find myself making most of my things a combination of red and other colors.  My house, now that I live alone, has tones of red running all through it.  I’m ok with that.  Some may think it is too much but for me, it is how I can express myself.  I don’t have to ask others or worry that someone else may not like it.

Whether it is my house, my clothes, my car, or my jewelry, I wear it and use it freely.  For me, it isn’t a power color as most think of it.   It is my power color that represents so much more than just my strength.  It is an expression of my freedom, my desire, and my determination.  It is the color of my marks before they turn to bruises of blue and purple and green.  Thin lines, handprints, paddle bruises, all start with this beautiful crimson color.

I found a picture of my dream playroom.   I love the idea of this being in my home.  I get the dungeon look and why that is popular, but this room turns me on to no end.  I have no idea where to give credit for this photo.  From what I understand it is in a house that was for sale somewhere in the area, this was one of the pictures on the listing.  I love how beautiful this room is and I love the color combination.  It is interesting to me that I find this room comfortable and cozy while also wanting to be uncomfortable, challenged, and pushed to my own limits.  Maybe someday, if I ever own my own house again, I can recreate this place.



collage or pictures of a room with black and red colors and BDSM Kinky paraphernalia
My Dream Play Room

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