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Watch me

Will you still watch me after I am gone?  Will you try to see what I am doing, how I am doing?  Will you track me through my blog or social media?  Will you wonder if I do things the same way?

When you would watch me before you would smile your wicked smile.  I was never left to my own decisions and followed your orders to the last degree.  This is what gave you that wicked smile.  What would your smile look like if you were to watch me making my own decisions?

Would you watch me if I decided to trace my body with my fingertips?  Watching the track my fingertips made through someone else’s come, would you continue to watch me?

If my fingers lightly traced around the belly button ring you gave me and then trailed toward my cunt, would you continue to watch me?  Me making all the decisions to trace my body and find the heat between my thighs.  I would not wait for your permission.  I would make my own decisions as to when and how I would touch my clit.  The touch of my fingers sending sensations through my body so intense my body moves and my back arches.  I do not stop, I do not edge, I decide I will come at my own hand on my own terms.

The small moan from me is familiar to you.  You created that moan in some ways.  As my finger runs back and forth over my clit, my speed, my pressure, my decision, are you still watching?

Is it the same to watch me on my own decisions as it is to watch me on yours?  Do you wonder if it is different for me?  Do you think about me masturbating without your permission?  I hope you do.  I hope those images in your mind haunt you.  That is the only way you will ever watch me.

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