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bed with white sheets and pillows with dark color wall

She was trying to downplay the excitement she had about their first overnight together.  Two years of talking and quick lunches and dinners and then fucking but never had they slept in the same bad overnight with each other.  Tonight was the night.  This was not just coffee and sex.

She wasn’t sure she would even make it through the concert that was the prequel to what she was considering the main event.  It had been planned for about two months.  There were a slight bit of covert actions happening.  Actions she said she would never do.  Actions she said she would never do again.  When he asked and explained it was a little way out of town and it would be overnight all those “never again” thoughts dipped into the place she holds all the shit and thoughts she feels are wrong.  She simply said yes.

Overnight can some times be scary, at least for her?   She worries about all the things that chics worry about.  Snoring, morning breath, and what if she has to use the bathroom.  I mean really use the bathroom.  These are things she worried about.  Interestingly enough, this time, none of that came to mind.  What did that mean?  Was she just that comfortable with him, or has she finally reached the point where she didn’t care about that stuff?  Maybe it was both?

They had already been through a lot of first.  The first kiss, first fuck, first awkward conversations.  No first fight because they didn’t see each other enough for that to happen.  Or maybe they just were that in sync with others that there was nothing to fight about.  She realized it was more that they weren’t at that place yet because nothing was in stone.  Nothing was defined.  Sometimes it bothered her but for this night she was really okay with it.

The decision was made to catch an Uber from the hotel to the concert.  Walking into the room after check-in felt oddly normal as if it was something they had done a million times.  They picked their selective place to put their bags.  She wasn’t nervous at all which was surprising.  He grabbed some clothes from the bag and casually mentioned he was going to shower.  “Care to join me?”  Her back to him she smiled and looing over her shoulder said, “Do you want to make it to the concert of not?”.  “Point taken, solo this time,” and he disappeared into the bathroom.

She reached into her bag and pulled out the bottle of Fireball Whiskey she had brought with her.  It is his favorite.  She cracked it open and looked around for cups.  Fuck it, she thought and bottoms up with the bottle to her lips.  Was she looking for liquid courage?  She wasn’t sure.  She hadn’t drunk in a while and the cinnamon burn felt good going down her throat.

He came out of the bathroom fully clothed and she had to admit to herself she was disappointed.  She didn’t care about the concert.  She wanted this entire night to be dedicated to the two of them.  No time constraints just being together.  His favorite band was playing tonight so she knew to skip it wasn’t going to happen.  There is something good about anticipation for what is yet to come.

She primped a little bit but not much.  Sitting on the bed he was putting on his shoes, fiddling with his watch, checking the time.  Without a thought she leaned across space between the two beds they were sitting on and placing her hands on his shoulders kissed him.  Thinking it would be quick because he was focused on his preparation, he grabbed her ass and pulled her close.  The kiss lasted longer and ended with a smile from both of them.  “We should go” she whispered in his ear half hoping he would prove her wrong.  “Yes, we should,” and they stood up, he grabbed her hand and they headed out to the concert.

The concert was good.  She wished she could say more about it on the way home but she was solely focused on being alone with him.  Walking into the room she was a little unsure of what to do.  She wasn’t used to making the first move but she wanted to.  He muttered something about being tired as he sat down on the bed to take off his shoes.  He was kidding, right?  Tired?  Fuck that!  we have a night together with no interruptions and you’re tired?  Letting out a heavy sigh she was about to say something about it actually being late and agreeing with him.  As she turned to face him he was right behind her and caught her as she turned.  He picked her up and placed her standing on the bed so she would be face to face with him.  His smile was telling her everything she needed to know.

He kissed her and pulled her close, his hands on her ass forcing her to press against him.  Weak in the knees she was grateful for his support.  She loved kissing him.  He always started slowly and let the passion rise like a slow gentle wave.  Wrapping her legs around him she wanted to climb inside him and feel that heat from him.  They stumbled to the bed and he fell on top of her still kissing her.  Both laughing at the thudding noise the headboard made as it slammed against the wall.

They had danced this dance before.  They were past the slow undressing and caressing this night.  Those times are good but tonight was full of anticipation and want.  This was their first overnight.  The night they had talked about and wanted for months.  They undressed.  There was nothing slow about it.  They wanted to be naked.  They wanted to feel each other skin to skin.  There were no barriers at all, not time, not guilt, not clothes.

He wasted no time letting her know what he wanted and flipped her to her back.  His large hands, calloused from years of hard work almost raking her skin sent chills through her entire body.  Slowly and hard pressed against her skin he moved his hand from her shoulders down to her breast.  Cupping all of her, grabbing her nipples and pinching and twisting until the sting and burn shot down to her pussy.  She arched her back in response as he twisted harder.  The heal of his hand on her ribs as he moved down toward her thighs pulling her nipples as far as he could before letting go.

His thumbs traced the lips of her pussy as fingers wrapped around her thighs.  Pushing her legs in the air and diving into her cunt in one fluid motion she had no time to prepare as his tongue traced her clit.  Lapping and sucking the bulb of her clit sparing no mercy as she wiggled and jolted.  He ignored the movements and pressed harder on her knowing she didn’t want to be released.

She felt the orgasm starting as her toes curled and her body folded forward she pressed his head to her cunt begging for his tongue to finish her off.  Every nerve ending was firing as she felt the pulsing of her clit.  Her legs closed tightly around his head as his tongue worked on her clit and his fingers pressing into her cunt so he could feel her clamp down on them.

Not giving her time to recover he flipped her over.  “On your knees!”  She obeyed.  The order was instantly exciting and followed.  This wasn’t their normal, this was new for them and she realized how she had missed the sharp tome of an order.  She obeyed and raised to her knees grabbing the pillows she prepared herself for him.  There was little time to prepare he was in her, thrusting and grinding.  He grabbed her shoulder with one hand reaching under her with the other to cup her breast and torture her nipples.  She felt the gage from the piercing in his cock rub the inside of her, the metal was oddly cool and she felt it heat up with the motion.  The friction of skin and metal was almost too much on her already sensitive clit.

“Pull my hair!”  She heard herself as if she was listening to someone else.  She never made demands during sex but she wanted his fingers tangled in her hair and she wanted to feel his strength pulling her head back as he powered into her.  He responded by taking a fist full of her hair and twisting it around using it as a handle as he rode her non-stop.

The growl started from his soul, something she hadn’t heard from him before.  Knowing he was close she asked what he wanted her to do.  “Finish me!” was his answer.  She knew what this meant and turned over quickly.  Pushing her to her back he straddled her face as she took his cock in licking and sucking him from the base of his cock.  Teasing the head and wrapping her tongue around the gauged piercing.  He grabs her hair and holds her head still as he fucks her mouth.  His growl is longer and louder now as he pulls away from her mouth and shoots a long thick stream of come on her breast.  Instinctively, she reached up and rubs the white creamy liquid into her skin, grabbing his cock and pressing it against her stomach so she can feel the pulsing as the stream of come continues to coat her body.

He lays next to her and the automatically fall into a spooning position as he pulls her close and holds her until their breathing synchronizes and slow together to almost normal.  This was their first overnight.  This was the night they would sleep together and wake up together.

Overnight stays have always been elusive for them.  Much of their plans were usually just talk and wishes and dreams.  This overnight did not disappoint.  Sleep came easy for both of them.  They slept soundly through the night. They woke in the same position they fell asleep in.  She was wrapped in his long strong arms.  Safe and not alone.  It felt normal.  This overnight was the best she had had in a long while.

There is something so intimate about sleeping with someone.  Sex and fucking were always good with him, but this overnight stay brought them closer than they had been thus far.  It was an unexpected benefit to sleeping with him.  The intimacy of feeling safe enough to close your eyes and give over your vulnerability, insecurities, and fears to someone is one of the best feelings she had felt in a very a long time.





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