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February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things


You have to stretch your body, mind, soul, and confidence.  Each is just as important as the other.  Stretching is not just limited to our bodies.  I sit most of the day for work.  I’m always told to stretch even if I am sitting in the chair.  Stretch your arms up, twist to stretch your sides, pull your legs to your chest.  Stretching our bodies is extremely important for many things, particularly circulation and blood flow.

How often do we stretch our minds?  Think outside the box, turn regrets into positive learning moments, have our brains tell our hearts that forgiveness is ok.  Stretch our minds to accept what we doubt, not without questions but without judgment.  Allow our minds to work in ways that we may not be comfortable with, to challenge what we know to be true.

How often do we stretch our souls?  Take the time to look inside and see what is truly there.  Block out the perspectives and judgment of others and allow our souls to stretch beyond what we know is possible.  To know in the depth of our souls that we are good – regardless of what past experiences and mistakes have made us feel.  To have the core of ourselves to be a quiet and pleasant place to visit and explore and be pleased with what we find there.

How often do we stretch our confidence?  Confidence in all things, our minds, our bodies, our decisions, our dreams, our abilities.  Some people have no problem with confidence while others have none of it.  Where do they get it?  Why is it so elusive to some and not others?  Stretching our confidence and keeping the balance between confidence and arrogance is a difficult path.  We want to be confident without arrogance but does the fear of arrogance prevent the growth of our confidence?

Allow yourself to stretch from head to toe and from inside out.

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