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Mistakes can be beautiful.  We just have to get past the mistake and see the beauty.   I have never been good at selfies and full body selfies have never been my favorite thing either.  I was actually playing with the remote (it doesn’t work very well) and this picture snapped off the camera.  I just moved on and tried to get another photo.  Later while I was editing I saw this and thought it looked pretty cool.  This outfit just keeps on giving me things to talk about.  I feel bad that it was crumpled in a ball in the back of a drawer because it didn’t fit well when I first got it.

I really like how the thin netting sends off a weird glow.  Initially, I didn’t like it but the more I looked at it, it became interesting to me how it glowed on the side where the light hit it.  My photography skills from my past were limited to weddings so I didn’t play with light a lot.  Another mistake from my past.  I should have paid more attention and played more but it all seemed like math back then.  Most of my photos are taken in my room which is getting boring so this was a nice surprise.  I had in my mind how I wanted this to fit and when it arrived (last year) I was disappointed and gave up on it.  The lesson there, never give up on pretty things!  Embrace mistakes.

This little blue set still doesn’t fit the way I would like it to but It is pretty and the lace isn’t scratchy and the netting feels amazing on my skin.  My skin has been really sensitive lately and material from clothing has a different effect every time I put it on.  Mostly it is scratchy and feels like I am being stung by one thousand bees.  This netting felt soft and even though the bees were still buzzing a bit it felt soft and soothing.

I didn’t edit or filter this photo at all, which is not my normal way.  I usually try ever filter and light play with the pictures I think about posting.  So, stepping out of my comfort zone with this mistake is a big move, but it feels ok.

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