blue triangle net covering female front vagina
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This is the last of the blue outfit that I have fallen in love with after a year of not even seeing it.  Again, I didn’t edit a thing,  that is daunting but a bit freeing as well.  I like the vague vision of the line of my pussy and the scarce little hairs that poke through the netting.  They seem cute if not a reminder I need to tidy up. The past two months I have been slightly out of commission and a lot of my personal care routines have been postponed.  I know I will get back on track but for now, I accept my abilities and my limits.

There are a lot of things I can love about things going on right now but a lot I’m not crazy about.  The last of this outfit really doesn’t have a lot of emotional meaning.  It was an impulse buy off a website that didn’t fit AT ALL and I was too lazy to return it so it ended up in a ball in the back of the drawer.  I only found it because I was purging my clothes that don’t fit anymore and this was in the toss pile.  I thought I would give it another try.  I am glad I did.

I don’t normally hang out in lingerie.  Particularly with a puppy – I never know when I need to run outside.  And it is cold here.  I usually revert to my comfy sweat pants and hoodies, floppy slippers and my hair in a ponytail.  I somehow manage to feel sexy and pretty at times dressed this way.  I guess I will always be a country girl at heart.  The last thing I think about is putting on lingerie and hanging out in the house.  In the warm months, I enjoy being naked but that isn’t always possible.

I don’t know why this outfit had an impact on me that it did.  Maybe it is the progress of my view of myself in lingerie that matters most.  Or, maybe it is just a comfort level I am reaching with revealing more of myself than I ever have.  No editing, no filters, no cropping.  So while this is the last of this outfit, it won’t be the last of my progress from getting more comfortable with myself.

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