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Comfy can be sexy!  I strongly believe this.   I see a girl in jeans and a hoody barefoot and I think that is hot. I see a guy in sweat pants and a white T-shirt, the game is on!  Don’t get me wrong, I like lingerie and I think it can be comfy and sexy at the same time.  But it isn’t all about the leather and lace.  Sometimes it is something casual that can make you feel your best, feel your sexy best.  I am very textile so for me the texture of things makes me feel a certain way.  Soft and fluffy is my favorite!

I ordered this onesie for Christmas.  Last year for Holloween I ordered one with glow in the dark skeleton on the front.  This onesie is the softest fluffiest thing I have ever slept in.  It is also extremely warm so I rarely make it through the night wearing it.  It came with feet that I cut off because I prefer to be barefoot when I sleep.   I wear it during the day mostly while I’m hanging at the house, writing or just chilling and watching television.

This is a very comfy outfit but it is also sexy.  At least to me.  I feel sexy when I am comfy inside and out.  Feeling sexy doesn’t come from clothes, it comes from within for me.  When the guy I’m seeing came over and I had this on he told me I looked cute and sexy at the same time.  Score!  I don’t think we always have to be in sexy lingerie to feel sexy and good about ourselves.  We can, and I do, but that shouldn’t be the way we feel it has to be.

So let’s hear it for comfy PJs!

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