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After being cleared for stretching, reaching, and exercise by the doctor I am committed to doing as I was told.  It has been two months since a surgical procedure and I haven’t been able to do much at all.  Reaching for anything, including my phone on the nightstand has been a challenge.  So, when I was told I could do some light stretching and reaching and things I was excited.  Funny when you aren’t allowed to work out that is all you want to do.  I don’t mind working out but I don’t love it like I wish I do.

I don’t always work out naked but maybe I should start.  I was getting ready for bed and realized I hadn’t stretched yet.  Determined not to skip a day, I plopped down on the floor and got to work.  I call this, resting pose because I was so exhausted from the short amount of stretching I had done.  It is also painful to get back into the swing of things.  I wasn’t able to do much or stretch to the lengths that I could before.  It was discouraging and disappointing.  Giving myself a break, I remind myself I’ve done nothing for two months.  By nothing I mean walking in a hunched over, the caveman-like position was the best I could do.

My surgery had me thinking about a lot of things, but mostly, I need to get moving more.  Stretching, or trying to stretch should be simple.  I was very flexible when I was younger and I’m sad that I am not as flexible as I use to be.  Muscles are amazing things with amazing memories but if we don’t test those memories, they move on to what we give them.  Even before the surgery, I gave myself excuses for not moving much.  I have two very sedentary jobs and its hard to write when your kayaking so I have allowed myself to accept this is my life.

A month before surgery I adopted a puppy.  He is a German Shepherd and missing a paw.  I knew that doing this would change my life a bit and my schedule.  I watch him do all the things with three feet that other dogs do with four and realize he is my new inspiration.  After the stretching and light yoga, he will be my walking buddy and the reason I shut the laptop and get moving.  No one can do this for me, I have to do it myself.  So, the two dogs and I will be getting out and about and getting moving.  Winter is not my season so hopefully, with the warmer weather, I will be able to find the motivation needed to not only stretch but focus on my physical health.

February Photofest

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