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Core – Day 11

I am the girl that when at yoga or working out when someone says core I say bu-buy!  I have always hated working on my core.  When I was younger and dancing all the time I didn’t have to focus on it.  I was also 15 years old and I hadn’t had a kid or the ability to get my own junk food. So there is that!  I could blame a million things and have a million excuses not to do the workouts needed to have a strong core, but the truth is, I just hate it. I wish a strong core came naturally.

I am not talking about a six-pack abs situation.  That would be nice but I am pretty sure those days are gone if they ever were, to begin with.  I want a strong core.  A core that reminds me to walk up straight and keep my posture in mind.  A core that helps me keep my balance when hiking (or let us face it – walking down the hall).  The work necessary for that isn’t difficult it just takes time and attention and focus.  Others have it and it isn’t unattainable for most people.  I am reminded of the stories of people with different abilities and I realize I have no excuses left to give.

That is the physical core.  I think lately (for the past two years) I have needed to focus on the emotional core as well.  We all do, right?  The past two years have been emotional hell.  Many ups and downs and much heartbreak.  Emotionally, I tend to suppress and ignore my emotions until I have time to deal with them, but that time never seems to be available to me.  So working on all things core is something that I hope to be a focus going forward.

We all have a base we pull from.  If it is emotional or physical, as we go through things we find what we need on most days to remain functional and productive.  This is a maternal trait that I thank my mother for and am grateful for.  It isn’t always easy but it is necessary and a good skill to have.  Going forward, not just this year but actually creating a habit of working on my core, both emotional and physical.

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